10 days in May

We are headed for 1 million hits THIS MONTHIt is truely amazing to see the negative comments when I last posted 1 million hits in 9 weeks time. A hit is not a hit according to some people.   I rather just read the chart instead of listening to people rant in a negative sort of way. I use this chart as a guide to give me indications of how my site is progressing. The last time I had one million hits it took 9 weeks to reach that number, I am almost 1/3 of the way there. in just ten days. time. that is a good indicator that hits are increasing.  It is amazing how people today only concentrate on the negative. Floyd Davidson is a perfect example. His comments are directed towards hate. In a puffed up narsistic way. he is the only expert in the Arctic. No matter what I posted at city data dot come, he was the mistake sheriff. But when he makes mistakes they do not count. Three of the most popular threads were closed because of this one person’s attitude. towards my photos and stories.  He is a photographer;  yet when one member asked for a photo of an umiaq. In ten years time  (in Barrow) he has not been able to capture that image. ?? ?? ?? ??

Some people on forums, look at their ‘reputation’ in the upper right corner of the page, and believe that false standard to be the truth indicator  in real life. DENIAL is spreading all over this country. George Bush has done a great job teaching this way of answering questons.

When I saw the election results, in 2000 that stated George W. Bush was the winner. I said to my sons. This is the end of the United States of America, as we know it.  Read the Late Great USA

The signs are all there to interpret.  God has a most wonderful sense of humor ! If you look for it, you can find HIM everywhere. 

The very first president of the U.S. was George Washington.  Then a couple of presidents later we have John Adams, then another president then his son –  John Quincy Adams.  this is the begining of our great nation.

A father & Son presidents in the very beggining of this country.  Now at the (my opinon) END.. We have the same situaton sort of .  Geoge Bush (father) another president deep in denial. ( 70 members of their staff died very wierd deaths) when they were in office. Now the son takes over with the same name as the father of our country.. hmm George Washington Bush   Adams family – bush family  A – B

I bet this is the last election we will have for president of the U.S.  If God were going to curse America. This is the ticket !!

McCain better win this next election. I do not like him either,

George Bush (father) wants one world government. He said so constantly in his many speeches “New World Order”  George Bush (son) says America is just an idea not a country.

Most people are not even aware that we have given up our sovernity in this country. Mexico, Canada will merge with the U.S.  this has been in the news for over a year now. but I bet you know nothing about it or even have heard of this yet.  This super highway of 16 lanes is already under construction. Mexico – Canada. AmerO.  Havin’t heard about this ?  congress has no say in this matter.

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