A three day non stop event

The date is set: 2008 – Point Hope – TIKIGAQ –   June 15 – 17  Come on up.. have the time of your life with happy happy people celebrating .. .. .. THE SUCCESS OF  FOOD !!


Whaling Festival is held in EVERY June if the people(s) have been successfull in harvesting a whale.

Whaling Festival = Caugarauq (Point Hope dialect)  Nalaukutaq = blanket toss in each dialect.

Whaling Festival = Nalaukutaq ( Barrow Dialect)

The Welcome is for EVERYONE

Kiviq has nothing to do with whaling festival, This festival is not held every year, but when it is held, it takes place in Barrow, it is a festival of one week of dance. natives from all over the state of Alaska come to Barrow for this much anticipated event. Kiviq is held every few years in Febuary !

Whaling Festival (Caugarauq)  is a 24/ 3  event in Point Hope – a time of great celebration for the food we have received. A time to celebrate, eat, games, more food, more games, blanket toss ( Nalaukutaq)  and more food.  The Inupiaq language varies from village to village, each has its own dialect for certain words, terms etc. The interesting bit of info about the Point Hope Dialect is that it is the same as in Greenland which was originally founded by the people(s) of Point Hope.

 These people are mighty proud of their heritage, and ancestors.  And they are quick to let natives from other villages know  about this.  (bragging rights).  The food is so varied it is difficult to list all of the many different types of food that are served. Abudant types of fish, and maktak,(bowhead whale)  maktauq,I(beluga whale)  meats from all the different types of animals of the arctic. Mikiaq, fremented whale meat is the successfull umiaqs are honored first and displayed proudly at the festival site.the most popular by far for the natives. That is the delicacy.. . each family has its own different recipie.

One of the very first things you see, when you approach the Festival site is the Umiaq’s that are honored and their respective crews.  These are the guests of honor!  In Point Hope, it depends on who catches that whale.  Which clan ? depending on which clan was blessed will determine which festival site is used for the celebration. The only two clans left out of the 22 original clans are Unigsicsiicauq & Kamaktoaq. Even though it is the month of June, it is very cold out, those flags are straight out because of the incredible non- stop North wind.  Here in the Arctic, you better keep your ears covered, due to that strong wind, ear infections are our # 1 problem.

Even though it is June, the wind is very strong and cold

Many activities take place during the feast. the successful crews are honored and prayers are said before the start of this much anticipated event. Life here is simple and full of thanksgiving for food we have received and shared with ALL of the villages in Alaska, Much food is also shipped out to familes in the lower 48 states. It doesn’t matter where you live. natives take great care to make sure, people have their favorite food, no matter how expensive it costs for the freight to ship that food.

The cutting of the flippers is always an exciting time, then standing in line to receive your personal festival share. Later more is given out by calling family names.

Cutting the flippers takes a great deal of time & experience


The gentleman holding these flippers is from Kotzebue John Goodwin, He goes whaling on a crew every year up here in Point Hope !

Plenty of food all day long, this is truely a Feast of epic proportions, Imagine having to cook for over a thousand people out here in the middle of the tundra ??  How would you manage that moumental task?






SABRINA flies high in the sky

 BLANKET TOSS: = “naulakutaq”

Oops !  Sometimes Gravity takes over.

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