ABC’s crew Kappii !!

The Barrow whaling crew;  ABC  Arnold Brower Jr.  struck a whale !  (Kappii) (cup pea)   That whale was received Sunday Morning about 1:30 a.m. – 27 foot 7 inches – Gordon is the co-captain.  We have three huge bags in the freezer – on the way to Point Hope, to the oldest elder in Point Hope – Rosemary Oviok – 86 years young.  More details as they become available.  We had to wait & wait & wait for the wind, the lead kept closing. The wind finally shifted to east on Friday, ALL that ice is gone.  The lead is vast, there is no way they can use umiaq’s (the other crews)  They have too far to travel, power boats are being used.  Kappii (to harpoon a whale).  The letter (eye)  i  – used twice produces an E  sound.

ii = yes !! E – in Inupiaq,  Si – Spanish – Wi – in French – Wii – for game console !! .. .. ..More info: as it becomes available !!

Point Hope – many belugas have been harvested, it is raining out today in Tikigaq. Lead is closed.

Whales were just coming, to our spot on the point. as they arrived with belugas, a mad rush by younger crews with aluminum boats – drove all the whales away from our location.  Eugene was furious and packed it all up and went home whaling is over for this year, some crews still remain out there.  but is was a sad year for the hunt this spring.  People would not work and create their own trails and 7 crews took over Eugenes trail. Some important meetings are about to take place.   Each  trail is the reponsibility of that crew – being lazy and taking over another trail is not permitted. 

AaronS from city-data- posted a nice compliment for me to share with all of you !!  He concludes I am insane !!  Yup, I got no problem admiting that, because it is the truth. 

I do things that NO ONE in their right mind would ever dream of doing – like giving away a new $42,000 truck/camper for FREE.  I did this, not to a friend,  (chuckle), I did it for my worst enemy !  The whole story is posted. just search for ‘homeless’ !! (on this blog).

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