Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve

In the 1st verse of the Bible, in Genesis 1:1, it says “In the beginning”. There is no way of knowing when that was. It could have been millions of years ago. Time was not recorded, as we now know it, until Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. That’s when day one began for them and 4004 BC began. God created all things in 6 days and rested on the 7th day. The Bible teaches us that 1 day to God is like a thousand years to us, (2 Peter 3:8). So the time of creation could have been at least 7 thousand years. Some commentaries give the time at less than that. In fact, one of my Bibles, the King James Crusade Analytical Study Edition, gives 4004 BC as the beginning. If you add 4004 BC in the Old Testament as the beginning with 2005 the date now of the New Testament, the total comes to 6009 years since the beginning. The number 4004 in my Bible does not change until chapter 4 when Cain and Abel are born. It then changes to 4003. That would mean that if 4004 BC was the beginning of creation, then Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden before they were on earth for 1 year.
The date changes to 3875 BC in chapter 4:8-17 where Cain slays Abel and he is cast away from the face of God. He tells God that his punishment is greater than he can bear and that every man that finds him will kill him. Then he takes a wife. Where did these people come from? They had to be Adam’s children or grandchildren or even further down the line. When it gets to chapter 5 the date changes back to 4004 because this begins the generation of Adam. The next date change is when Adam is 130 years old and the date is 3874 BC and he had a son and called his name Seth. In 5:4 it states that Adam lived another 800 years and begat sons and daughters. This is the first time any of Adam and Eve’s children are mentioned other than Cain, Abel and Seth. From chapter 5:1 I do not have any problems with the dates, if they begin after Adam was cast out of the Garden. Now let’s get back to creation:
In Genesis 1:1 God creates the heaven and the earth. On the first day He creates Light only, because darkness is already there. Then He separates them and calls them day and night. Between the 1st day and the 6th day He creates almost everything else. On the 6th day He creates all the animals and the creeping things and man.
Bible believers today say that science always proves that the Bible is correct and true. There is a science today, the study of fossils that tells us the age of bones or wood or ferns that they’ve found. In my encyclopedia it says that they have found fossils that were 2, 4, 6 hundred thousand years old and older. I don’t know how they test these fossils to come up with these figures and they may be incredible but they are believable. No matter how we look at the study of fossils and claim it’s not an exact science like computing miles, it is taught to our children in school. When people read the newspapers and see how old these fossils can be, they all (adults and children) get confused when bible believers put a date on creation. 7 days of creation is a period of time, not a collection of 7 ‘24 hour days’.
When God created the sun, moon, stars and the earth and put them into orbit, that was the beginning of night and day, the 24 hour period that we know today. In 1:14 it says night and day were divided for signs and seasons and days and years, not that they were going to be recorded then.
In 1:27 He created man and woman in his own image, which is spiritual. In 2:7 He actually creates man physically. In 2:8 God plants the Garden of Eden and in 2:16-18 He commands Adam that he can eat of every tree of the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for in the day that he eats of it he will die. How will he die? What is this death? A lot of scholars believe that what God was saying was that Adam’s punishment for eating the fruit would be physical death. What God meant was that Adam’s punishment for eating the fruit would be to die spiritually. Dying physically, is not the punishment for Adam having eaten of the fruit, it is the result. What does this mean? Because Adam ate of the fruit, sickness and disease entered into this world. Aging of the body, which leads to death, also began. These things happened because Adam sinned. It was not the punishment for the sin.
In 2:15 God puts Adam in the garden to cultivate it, and in 2:19 God forms every beast of the field and the birds of the air and brings them to Adam to name them. How long this took I don’t know but there was no rush because he had forever to do it. In seeing all these animals mated, Adam probably was thinking, ‘how come I don’t have a mate’? Anyway, God sees that and knows that Adam needs a mate. There is no way of knowing how much time has gone by but it could have been many, many years.
In 2:22, God made the woman, and brought her to Adam. This is the first marriage ceremony, the father bringing the woman and presenting her to the man and they become husband and wife.
Between 2:25 and 3:1 there is another time period. I don’t know how long this one is either but I believe it could have also been many years. In 1:28 God tells the man and the woman to be fruitful and multiply and replenish, (fill), the earth. With this command from God, there is no way that He would shut up her womb or that they would abstain from sex. So I believe that they had many children in the garden. There are only three children mentioned in the beginning. After Adam is cast out of the garden, Cain, Abel and Seth are mentioned and there are reasons for that and I will talk about that later.
In chapter 3:1 the temptation begins. I believe that Eve was by herself at this time because if Adam had been there he would have stopped her. In all this time Satan had tried to tempt Adam and failed. The Bible does not relate that. ‘Don’t you think that if Satan would tempt Jesus, he would also tempt everyone else including Adam’? To get to Adam he uses Eve. Eve was not the primary target. Adam was. This is because the command not to eat of that fruit was given to him. So Eve is tempted and she eats of the fruit and nothing happens. The fruit looks good and tastes good, so she runs to Adam and tells him that she ate of the fruit and nothing happened to her. She is still alive, so he also eats of the fruit. Once he eats of the fruit, their eyes are opened and they see that they are naked. Remember, this is the tree of knowledge and seeing their nakedness is a result of eating from the tree. Now they cover themselves with fig leaves. I don’t know what their thoughts were regarding nudity. It wasn’t that they were trying to hide from each other. They were hiding from God because Adam had done wrong. It was also possible that they wanted to hide their nakedness from their children. Why didn’t this happen to Eve when she first took a bite? It is because the command was given only to Adam. Adam changed God’s command and told Eve that she could not ‘Touch’ the tree. God never told Adam that he could not touch the tree.
We can see that they did not die physically because they were still walking around, and their soul did not die because they were still thinking, so what did die? It was the spirit of God in man, not the Holy Spirit. If you go back to 1:27, God created man in His own image, which is the spirit of God in man. In 2:7 God forms man from the dust of the earth and that is the body that houses the spirit. Then He breathes into him and he becomes a living soul, which means that he is alive. The soul is everything in man that is not physical, like pride, thought, will and anything else, and this is the spirit of man in man. Every human being is made up of 3 parts, body, soul and spirit. The soul is also spirit but it would be confusing to say man is made of 3 parts, body, spirit and spirit.
Getting back to dying from eating of the fruit: a lot of scholars believe that instead of living forever, Adam was going to die someday. When Adam ate the fruit, which for him was a sin, he introduced sickness, disease and the aging process into humanity. The body would not live forever but die from sickness, disease, or old age. That is the result of sin, not the punishment. What I mean by ‘the result of sin’ is that because he sinned, these things started to happen. If dying physically was the punishment for sin, how could God bring two men to heaven without dying? In God we have a righteous judge and He could never bring Enoch (Genesis 5:24) and Elijah (2 Kings 2:11) to Heaven without physically dying if the punishment for eating the fruit were to be physical death. So physical death cannot be the punishment for Adam’s sin. So what died? The spirit of God in man!!
When I became a Christian, I became born again and the Holy Spirit quickened my ‘spirit’. Quickened, means to make alive. That’s the rebirth. At that time I was physically alive and my soul was also alive because I was still thinking, so what was dead in me was the ‘spirit of God’ in me. Now the spirit of God is alive in me. The Holy Spirit dwells in me. In John 3:3 Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must be born again, not physically (body) or mentally (soul) but spiritually (spirit).
Going back to Genesis 3:9, God calls out to Adam and Adam says he hid himself because he was naked. God asked Adam, “Who told YOU that? Have YOU eaten of the tree that I commanded YOU to not eat of”? So Adam blames God for giving him the woman who gave him the fruit. So God says to the woman, “what have you done”? He is not asking about eating the fruit but in bringing it to Adam. So she answers that the serpent tricked her and she ate of the fruit. Then God told the serpent that it would crawl on its belly all the days of its life. God tells Eve that in childbirth she would have sorrow and pain in her pregnancy. I believe that up until this point she had many children without any pain or problems in pregnancy or delivery. Otherwise this curse would mean nothing to her. The second part of the curse was that her desire would be to her husband and he would rule over her. Why this curse? It is because she didn’t listen to Adam on her own. She had a will of her own and decided not to listen to Adam. Just like children today. They have a will of their own and lots of times decide not to listen to their parents. Now the curse says that she would have to obey him. God says to Adam, “Because you hearkened unto the voice of your wife and ate of the tree”. Notice the difference. When God talks to the woman, He never mentions anything about eating of the fruit, but with Adam it’s always mentioned. The curse for Adam was that he would have all kinds of problems with the ground. It would not produce like it did before. Now he would have to sweat in his work for it to produce.
Like I said before there is no mention of any children until Cain and Abel. Why only these two? Let’s look at Israel in the Promised Land at the battle of Jericho, (Joshua 7:24-25). Achan takes things that God had said not to take and we see what happened to him. In the beginning of the Christian church, (Acts 5:1-10), we read of Ananias and Sapphira who lied about the donation of money to the apostles and we see what happened to them. This is God showing the Israelites and the first century church that they cannot go against what He commands. It’s the same way with Cain and Abel. They were the beginning of man’s walk on earth after being cast out of the garden. The slaying of Abel was the result of Adam’s sin in the garden. All 3 sins were committed in secret but the sin found them out. That’s why Cain and Abel are mentioned.
In 4:25 Adam and Eve have another son and they call him Seth. Why is he the only one mentioned here? It is because he is in the line of Jesus. There are 2 genealogies in the gospels. The first one is in the gospel of Matthew. He is writing to the Hebrews. In 1:1 it says ‘the book of the generation of Jesus Christ’. The genealogy begins with Abraham and goes through King David to Joseph the husband of Mary. This is to show the Hebrews that Jesus was a Hebrew from Abraham and in the line of King David, so that He could be a king. In 2 Samuel 7:12-16, David is promised by God through Nathan the prophet that David’s house and his Kingdom and throne will be established forever.
The second genealogy is in the gospel of Luke and he is writing to the gentiles about Jesus the Man. In 3:23 the genealogy starts at Jesus. This is the line of Mary. This genealogy goes backwards through King David and Abraham all the way back to Adam. Luke wants to prove to the gentiles that Jesus was a man. From King David, Matthew’s genealogy goes through Solomon. Luke’s goes through Nathan. Both of these men were sons of King David. This is why Seth is mentioned. Without Seth there is no connection between Jesus and Adam.
I believe that before Adam ate of the fruit, animals lived together in harmony and that they were vegetarians. The birds also had no problems. The land was beautiful and produced abundantly. That was not only in the garden, but it was all over the earth. After Adam of ate the fruit, everything changed. The land, animals, birds and people all changed. We see the result of the change today. Some humans, animals and birds are predators. In The ‘beginning’ there were no predators. In reading all that I have written, if you accept it, that’s good. If not, that’s all right too. Study this part of scripture and if you have a question about this, ask me! If you don’t know me, ask the person who gave it to you and they can ask me.

Bill Gauthier
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