Americans are STUPID !!

That is what the ‘muslim’ imposter occupying the white house thinks of you & I.  There is absolutely no room for doubt here. NONE !! 


  • Obama spends close to 2 million dollars  (over 2 1/2 years to block any of the more than 72 court cases challenging his birth certificate.
  • The New Governor of Hawaii said he would put to rest all rumors over the ‘birthers’ claim that he is not qualified or elegible to be POTUS.  He could not find any copy of the so called birth certificate on file.
  • The director of Health records in Hawaii lied when she said that she has seen his birth certificate and it is on file.
  •  The CONSTITUTION clearly states ONLY a natural born CITIZEN (from two parents that are citizens of the US.). Stanley Ann Dunham was to young when she gave birth to young Barry to confer citzenship upon him. The father was a subject of Kenya.  Therefore: how did he gain citizenship in this country? She divorced and re-married and they moved to Indonesia where he went to school for many years.  Why are all his school  records hidden ?  It is quite simple – a foreign student receving aid to attend schools in this country as a muslim.
  • Barry Soetoro – releases his long form birth certifcate to the public. Osama Bin Ladin is killed that week! Quickly before news is even released. The body is thrown into the ocean under the guise of a sea burial. They don’t want anyone to see that (fake) body. 
  • Obamas birth certificate is a phoney- It has all ready been proven beyond any shadow of doubt.  It doesnt match other birth certificates that were issued at that time.  In fact the lame attempt to forge this document was so sloppy.  It was extremely easy to discern.

WAKE UP AMERICA –  IT IS TIME TO IMPEACH THIS IMPOSTER AND PRESS CRIMINAL CHARGES!  The main stream media could care less – they will defend their messiah no matter how much they have to lie and deceive.

Jesus Christ is Judge & Jury in this case and He is not fooled one bit by this imposter!  Vengence is mine saith the Lord; I will recompense!!  Just as the Lord had a purpose for Pharoah;  The same is ultimately true with Obama.  The dumbest thing anyone can do; is to place their hand on a bible to take an oath to UPHOLD & DEFEND the CONSTITUTION OF THE U.S. and lie to GOD !!  So help me God !!  Obamas agenda is quite clear – BANKRUPT the U.S.  He is clearly following Hitlers play book page for page. 

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