Arctic Ice pack @ TEN YEAR HIGH !!

I have posted what life in the Arctic is … on more than 60 forums.  Some of my work was published as long as three years ago !  It is all a matter of record of fact –  I have been claiming for more than 7  years now .. my observations of the ocean ice with absolutly no training – no instruments –  My words – my exact words are still on all of these forums.

” We have the best ice we have seen in ten years time “ !!  I knew that in 2003 – only because I was out there as a witness to experience first hand – what the whaling captains kept repeating on each and every crew !!

To the dismay of Al Gore and global-warming alarmists, ice covering the Arctic has increased dramatically after years of declining, reaching levels not seen this time of year for nearly a decade

Arctic Ice Pack

Arctic sea ice reached its maximum extent for the year on March 31 at 15.25 million square kilometers (5.89 million square miles),” the National Snow and Ice Data Center stated in a recently published report. “This was the latest date for the maximum Arctic sea ice extent since the start of the satellite record in 1979.”

Amid proof of junk science, Obama pushes carbon taxes.


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