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It is a wonderful day here in the village today. The temp was a balmy 42 degrees and sunny and of course the ever present north wind.

We awoke to thick fog which made any morning flights into or out of the village cancelled due to the thick low lying fog all over the area.

By 11:30 a.m. the fog started to lift and planes were landing in the noon hour as scheduled. Afternoon flights made it in as well.

We had a rare visitor and a bit of amazement tonight, a computer repair man flew in from Kenai to fix the computer in the post office. The postmaster Elizabeth Oviok was off work and could not be contacted at home or other places she is known to frequent in the village, We managed to find one of the other postal workers to let this repair man in. But what a surprise we had when he returned to our home for more information. Turns out this man is an Electrican, Photographer, computer repair person and was showing my sons Card magic, much to his disappointment.. My sons knew every trick he tried to show them.

They were taught by me for the last 20 years so they pulled quite a few of new ones on him he was not familiar with, THEN I stepped in.. wow.. what are the odds of meeting a person with 4 of the same major intrests that I have and excell in!  WowoW.. 4 for 4  that’s what I call batting a 1000 % !

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