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Three New visitors!

Stumbled upon this Blog of ICE ! (chuckle).  It seems that video’s that I placed upon this site & YouTube are a huge success. News is  reaching all over the arctic.

Atkasaq & Point Hope are two of the ‘visitors’ we have had today !! Hooray! it is good to see ‘friends’ again!!

One of the few villages I have never had the chance to visit or live.

The small village of Atkasuq

Point Hope Alaska 99766

Adiga Inupiaq !

Top of the World

Barrow Alaska


When will Floyd Learn ?
Well over 2,400,000 hits for last month !!   But the funniest thing; I have ever WITNESSED : 

One person – is trying to convince the whole world – I am wrong !!

Yes; One person – who lives in Barrow for just 12 years who  has never been whaling; who has never set foot out on the ocean ice pack, Actually writes photo essays on whaling with no photographs and no experience.


Yep; you guessed it – Floyd Davidson

That is a very impressive list of Visitors

One Hundred Forty Six countries this month!!

We reach throughout the entire GLOBE!! 

Floyd Insists I am wrong; about everything I have typed for over 3 1/2 years time. 

352 visits in 12 days ??


120 COUNTRIES have visited our web site this month (January 2009).  That is an all time high record. Our norm is 70 -80 countries per month (average).  Our site is growing, our readers are interested in what we have to show & tell about what REALLY goes on up here @ the Top of the World – ‘The beauty and pristine splendor of the Arctic ! ‘

Without a doubt, this is the most wonderful place on earth to live, and reside.  Life is simple, harsh and can be dangerous. Every day is an adventure, or it could be, the most boring place on earth.  It is all what YOU make it out to be in your daily routine.

Many events occur in the evening time @ the schools and college

Many events occur in the evening time @ the schools and college

122 countries visited us this month !

122 countries visited us this month !