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FINALLY………..My books are Published!……….Three of them  are here!  NOW !!

There will be TWELVE  volumes in the Whole Set !!

The three books,

Living on the Ocean Ice:

People of the Arctic:

Festival / Blanket -Toss:


Each book has 48 fine art images of the highest quality, resolution and outstanding COLOR.

These books come in 5 different sizes !!

5 x 7 – 8.5 x 11 – 11 x 14 – 13 x 19 – 17 x 22 (larger sizes  upon request)  64″ Wide Max.

We also have 8.5 X 11 inch books that contain:  48 images, 120 images or 180 images

All of the “stories” behind all of these images are HERE



Home Sweet Frozen Home for 12 weeks !!

Home Sweet Frozen Home for 12 weeks !!








These are the GREATEST people I have ever met in my life.

These are the GREATEST people I have ever met in my life.



"how high can you fly" ?

“How high can you fly” ? Blanket – Toss is many different things.    Strike a “Pose”.



Today in Barrow

In Barrow, Point Hope, and the many other whaling villages of Alaska;  It is time; to begin to break trail for whaling !! One month (at least) of chopping ice by hand for miles to create a smooth wide road to haul all equipment out to the lead – some 7 miles away.  It is a different distance each year.  It is time to find open water and create a road out to that area!!


February 24th of 2011, crews scramble- with much joy, anticipation – of the favorite time of year. I have heard it written that in Barrow – “whaling is a community event”!!  NONSENSE !!  It is not even remotely close to the actual truth. Let me explain fully what is going on.  When ever I post the truth on City Data- my comments are erased; Floyd Davidson fills the posts with meaningless dribble – that is not based on personal experience(s) or any of the well known facts!!  In Barrow Alaska – population of over 2,000 Inupiaq Natives.  37 crews use 8 members .  Simple math = 296 people. A very small fraction of the population. Simple & extremely easy to understand and comprehend!

POINT HOPE  however;  is the exact opposite;  In a village of 700+ Inupiaq residents.. .. Well over 700 of them; are out on that ocean ice. Men – women – children – The Entire Village moves out there!!!  Now for those sincerly lacking understanding – this is what is often referred to as a TRUE:   “COMMUNITY EVENT” !  The only people left in the village; are teachers, a small hand full of workers, the sick & elderly-disabled.  Whaling involes EVERYONE in the entire village!!  Point Hope is the oldest – of ALL villages in Alaska and believe it or not; they are the ONLY village that still adheres to ancient traditions!!

On the Creative Side:  A color posterization or digital painting of sorts of the photograph above.  I am going to teach you how simple this is to accomplish using any photgraph.  It does provide a pleasing ‘other side’ using the wonderful world of COLOR !!


 I will take the necessary time to teach you how simple this is to accomplish. The results can be very dramaticic & surprising indeed!

All it takes, is just a little practice

The sad end of whaling.. ..

Spring whale hunting is over.. this year, for all practical purposes.

Barrow 3 small whales

Time to Look !

Time to Look !

Wainwright – No whales

Pt. Lay – One whale

Point Hope – Two whales    Omnicks & Oktolliks Crews

Those are very sad numbers of actual food for almost 7 thousand people.

Time to Pack .. ..

Time to Pack .. ..

Barrow could have had a much higher success rate, if it were not for people (crews) rushing to the lead with snowmachines and metal boats – just as the whales were coming to the Point, (our location). Seven crews hyjacked our trail, and took over the ice with much clamor and noise making – which scared all the animals away.

Once your crew is setup @ the lead, there are no machines permited this close. walk – keep quiet and no loud noises.

Time to Scat !

Time to Scat !

Waiting & Watching for FOOD!

Waiting & Watching for FOOD!