Charles Darwin !

Everyone has heard that name !  and the theory of evolution associated with his name is 200 years old today.

BUT –  What you do not know, is the truth behind this BOLD FACED LIE !

Charles Darwin DID NOT believe in this non-sense !!  He said so !   (take the time to read his life’s story and find out the truth for yourself).   But instead; people choose to be led astray by every false doctrine and stupid man made falsehood(s).

Charles Dawin was a BIBLE BELIEVING born again Christian.   In his own words he spoke .. .. “two things, when I think of them, completly disprove my theory”.

One was the ‘human eye’ . – think about that

Two was the ‘feather of a peacock’ – find a photograph of one on google.  you can PLAINLY see and discern  – ‘the ARTIST @ work’ !

EVERYTHING that is made, has to be created by ‘someone’, or some ‘thing’  Those designs are not the result of mere happinstance.

Wake up (world)- (people) –  Jesus THE Creator of ALL THINGS is about to Return to ‘snatch’ HIS BELIEVERS out of this WORLD, before the unprecidented chaos & tribulation takes over the entire earth. Explicit details of this financial crisis are all spelled out in the greatest of details in the Bible, written by God Himself thousands of years ago.  Nostradamus did not speak in specific details but in generic generalities that could be made to loosely fit with any period of time.   JESUS CHRIST – cannot possibly ever lie !

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