Charles W. Morgan II

IN Barrow Alaska (2009) We ordered and began to build the Charles W. Morgan Whaling Bark; Cost of the model was (at that time) $200 dollars. May 1st of 2010 – We walked away from everything we owned in Barrow; A substantial loss of all personal property. Now here in Anchorage 2013; We ordered a new model to build; The cost today for this model $400 dollars! Now here are some of the photos of the current build. (more coming soon).

aft P1040026 P1040027 P1040028 P1040049 P1040052 P1040055 P1040058 P1040061 P1040083 P1040084 P1040085 P1040086 P1040087 P1040093 P1040094 P1040095 P1040096 P1040097 P1040098 P1040099 P1040100 PENNY PENNY2 PENNY3 Recent Recent1 Recent2 whole

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