Christ and the Cross



Christ And The Cross


First of all, I am a born again believer and I love my lord Jesus. All my Christian life I have heard preaching about the seven words Jesus Christ spoke on the cross and never anything about the three hours of darkness. I am not a scholar or have a degree in anything. I’m just a layperson like most of Christianity and if God can show me things, He can show anybody.  In my studies this is what the Lord has revealed to me.

I don’t want to take away any of the physical suffering or pain that Jesus went through on the cross, but that is on the physical side. The physical side of the cross is for leading the unsaved to Christ.

What is the punishment for sin? It’s death and hell. There is no place in the bible that says because we are sinners we have to die on the cross. So why the cross and all the abuse and punishment Jesus took? Because without seeing all of that, no one would be saved. The physical suffering of Jesus is to draw people to Him.

Now let’s talk about the darkness. Remember the ten plagues in Egypt. Well one of them was darkness in the land of Egypt and light in the land of Goshen where the Israelites were. The light of Goshen could not penetrate the darkness in Egypt, otherwise the Egyptians would have run to Goshen to get out of that darkness.

Now, back to the cross. At noon the darkness came. It was the same kind of darkness as in Egypt. No light could penetrate it. If anyone lit a torch they would not be able to see any light from it. At this time the light of the world, Jesus, leaves the cross and descends into hell and all the sins of the world are poured into Him.

Picture yourself falling into a ditch and you are covered with whatever you hate the most, snakes, spiders, worms or whatever. Well this was much worse for Jesus. This is where redemption takes place. Jesus is in hell paying the price for our sins. It was a three hour period in our time but between Jesus and God it could have been years


After the three hours of darkness, the light is back and Jesus is back on the cross. The first words that Jesus speaks are: “My God My God why hast Thou forsaken Me”? Any time Jesus talked to God there was perfect communication between the two of them. So He couldn’t be talking about then, (being back on the cross), but referring back to when He was in hell. What does that tell us about hell? On the cross Jesus never said anything about the physical pain He was going through and Jesus never said anything about the physical pain He went through in hell. If you look at the rich man in hell and Lazarus you see the torment that the rich man was going through. So Jesus had been in the same torment while He was in hell, but all He says is why did God forsake Him. Which shows us that the biggest torment in hell is the separation of the person in hell from God. The second words He says are: “I thirst”. Why? Because just like the rich man, the fires of hell made Him thirsty. The next thing Jesus says is: “It is finished”. In other words, everything that needed to be done to pay the price for our sins is done. So now He commends His Spirit unto God and dies. He did not die from any of the physical wounds inflicted by man. He gave up His life to God and God took it. The spiritual side of the cross is much worse than the physical side. In seeing both sides we can appreciate more of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

All I ask is that you use your common sense and if this makes sense to you, then accept it. If it doesn’t make sense to you, reject it.

The Lord led me to write this. I have done that. Now it’s up to the Holy Spirit to do His work.

 Bill Gauthier



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