Corruption in Alaska.. .. ..

We read & hear about it every day in the news.   I.E. – Senator Ted Stevens, Senator Don Young,  and the few ‘good ol’ boys that have already gone to jail over ‘taking money’ & bribes.

The former owner of Veco Bill Allen is waiting for the ax to fall on himself, he is giving up all information to take down as many people as he can, for his buying political influence. 

People with vast huge sums of money think that because of money they can do what ever they want to serve their own narrow minded interests !!

The love of money .. .. .. is the ROOT.. .. OF ALL EVIL !!  That is what the bible says about money.  Some people just cannot avoid the temptation to STEAL money.

In the 1980’s .. .. many people that worked for the North Slope Borough got caught mis-managing money. Some were given substantial  prison terms.  Recently in the news is how two different villages were investigated by the FBI, for grand theft of villages funds.  Bethel & Atkasuq are two villages that had recent investigations that led to arrests.

Now..  ..  .. another village corporation is under investigation by the FBI for several reasons.

It is going to be very interesting to see who ends up in JAIL.


A person only has to lie once, to be called a “liar”.. ..

A person only has to steal ONCE, to be labeled and called a THIEF !!

Exposing and telling the truth on an internet blog is not against the law !!  As long as the truth is told, no one can tell a person to stop telling the truth !!

Wait, watch & See who the Liar & Thief is in this upcoming investigation(s) !!

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