Stats > countries > end of April    I finally find out, that Webalizer has exactly 20 more countries than AW stats.  Wierd.  Now I want to know why Webalizer will not provide a full list of all the different countries !!

Stats for the end of April

I do not understand why  ‘webalyzer’ shows  80 countries and aw stats shows only 60 ?

The hits from each ‘stat’ compliation are no where near each other in values ? This is only the traffic for just ten days.

I only use this information as a ‘guide’ as to what is actually going on.  I do glean incredible amounts of infomation from these two stat type programs. Much more than I would have ever thought possible, espeically people taking my images and posting them on their own sites with no credits.  ( I find it very flattering, and give a little chuckle). Some people would be offended by this and demand prompt action.   

 I have been with my new host for a total of only 10 days, I swtiched hosts because  I need to know the countries ! This is very important for marketing !

The main reason I had to move, from Start logic, we their support was lacking.  AW stats in thier control panel, did not provide info for any of the different countries, or resolved ip addresses. The chart above, shows just ten days, on my new host.  People from literally ALL over the world hit this web site for the unique view into a world that very few ever see. People from Texas, India and other very hot places, have writen to me, numerous times requesting high res images, because it keeps them feeling cooler looking at images of the ice, in the hot climates where they live.

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