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Game Poster
Game Poster

For you to construct this game – You will need to learn two major high end programs that are very difficult to understand (without help).   3D Studio Max  &  Adobe Photoshop   Each is an industry standard for graphic creation.

You will be taught step by step – click by click – with VIDEOS that are easy to understand and follow along as you watch them.  We have more than 15 years experience ‘living’ in each of these programs.
You will be taught by the top professionals in the industry that work for these same companies !!  We can speed up the process and show   / teach you shortcuts !!
80% of todays games are made using this program – 3D Studio Max –  go visit   download a FREE 30 day trial.  3D is the most fascinating world you can ever enter.  It is tedious – time consuming – but the rewards are tremendous !!  to download a FREE 30 day trial of Adobe Photoshop.  These two programs are all you need to design and create this game.   We will teach you C++  (C plus plus) or C# (C sharp)    There is much you need to know – on how to begin this game –  which is posted on our forum 
This will be simple for you to learn –  YOU OWN THE COPYRIGHT & PATENTS – We provide the videos / instruction
Question & Answers.   ALL  of the proceeds belong to the ‘children’ of each village (9).
We want ‘nothing’ in return.  Just to see the children happy – creating – not being bored again.
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