Deception of the MASSES

Begins with LIES.. ..  the polar bear is not threatened.  The population is very healthy ! Estimates place the population between 25,000 – 40,000  It is not in decline. Norway is allowed to harvest 150 bears each year. In the villages of the Arctic. we do not go looking for this animal. We leave them alone. When we encounter a bear out on the ice. We gently nudge them away from our area. This has been documented in various ways. In books etc.  We make noise, we fire weapons into the air. In Point Hope a normal winter would see the take This is not an accurate plight of the bear, it is a gross exageration of the truth.down of perhaps 3 – 5 bears due to the fact that they are trying to gain access to the inside of a house. we have no choice but to take them down. ONLY AS A LAST RESORT.  The animal right activists are not telling the truth. THE OUTCOME will soon be decided in court.  We do not go hunting for them. This is too dangerous. Media Hype, Global Warming hype. In 1929 in the U.S. Supreme courts, a similar decision was reached regarding the false information that is taught in schools today. Even though it was proven to be a complete hoax, the courts ruled that it was a hoax, yet this same hoax is still taught in schools today.  I bet you never knew, that the chromanga man was nothing more than hoax built up around the tooth from an extinct pig. The neanderthal man was nothing more than an old man in France with severe arthritis.  Shooting & Killing Polar Bears from the airplane is the method the GREAT WHITE HUNTERS used to employ. No patience, no skills, just damage the enviroment and then lie about the truth.

The polar ice is melting the earth will be flooded !  Do this simple experiment right in your home take a glass fill it with ice. fill the glass with water. DOES THAT GLASS EVER OVERFLOW when the ice melts ??

I can guarantee you this:  The 21 plagues that are outlined in the Book of Revelation will come true exactly as written more than 2,000 years ago.  Hailstones weighing 100 pounds each falling from the sky, Locusts destroying all our crops, frogs overrunning cites, All of these plagues are not because of Global Warming.

It is all because of SIN !!  Great Britian had the warmest day ever on record since the 1700’s !!  I wonder what the hype was back then when it got that hot. Mass famine is about to be unleased upon the world. The book of Revelation spells out the whole factual outcome of what we are to expect. Iran, Russia, China will attack Israel .. It is all spelled out in the greatest of details in Esekiel chapters 38 – 40.  When I first read those chapters in 1967 I was shocked at the precise details that were given. Iran, Russia, China WILL BE DESTROYED, 

Point Hope had to be relocated in the 1970’s due to flooding in the old town site. Once moved the flooding stopped.  The earth moves in cycles, weather patterns. our earth is constantly changing. Glaciers have been melting for thousands of years. Global warming is producing record cold record snow fall in other areas. also.  By the time the world’s populations find out the real truth, the real agenda. it will BE TOO LATE.

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