Dept. of Homeland Security

Was browsing our blog today, very interesting – their main point of focus –  “Polar Bears” !!

I seriously hope and PRAY that they- report the truth about what they have learned from first hand factual accounts. From People that actually live here in the Arctic. Not some more LIES totally made up  by the main-stream media who are no longer journalists or reporters – “they” now have to make up news. (that is totally false).

What has happend to the United States of America??  where lying is now considered ok and necessary; to use in so many instances in the news today.

A fraudulent usurper in the white house who claims he is christian and was born in Hawaii

Kenya is celebrating Obama’s birthplace in Kenya !!

A congressman who sents photos to girls on twitter of his ‘private parts’ and then lies and claims he was hacked!

Mainstream media embracing socialisism, communisim and marksist policies in the country is discusting

We need a revival and bring this country to its knees in Prayer – We need God in our Classrooms – not homosexuality being taught to preschoolers and kindergarten children and in elementary schools.  GOD SAYS IT IS EVIL!!  WE NEED A CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT WHO IS NOT AFRAID TO MENTION –    sin!!

Unless we repent, (change our minds) America is doomed!

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