Gone from Barrow .. ..

Whoosh – we left Barrow – May 1st of 2010 – We walked away from everything we owned.  Left everything to Lucille Leavitt and her Husband.

Tens of thousands of dollars in tools, equipment and materials.

We left with just the clothes on our back. That  is all we took. GONE !!

Special thanks to:  X-Captain Leon Boyea – you finally got caught !!

X-tra special thanks to X-Mayor Mike Stotts – he failed also

and a few other ‘friends’ that have proven beyond any shadow of doubt – their true intentions.  J.U.   YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.  Attempted Murder is a crime !!  TOO MANY PEOPLE thought they could get away with.

SPECIAL THANKS: to the X-president of the A.E.W.C. – Rather than discrace the job he was supposed to do !! He quit –  Attempted murder is a crime.  A henious crime was commited out on the ocean ice in May of 09 –  FOUR NSB police died  attempting to take down one boy who was unarmed and innocent of any wrong doing.

Murder an innocent 21 year old boy – just to get his settlement funds (that are enormous).  they failed time and time again – just like they did on many previous attempts in 2004 & in 2003.

We had a great in person meeting yesterday (May 5) with the FBI in their headquarters in Anchorage.  Three hours !! now finally – everything is over with. I have to commend the outstanding job the FBI accomplished here in Barrow and in Anchorage.

all new police in all the villages and in Anchorage !!! WoW !!

Psalm 14 & Psalm 53 are identical –

The FOOL hath said in his  heart – There is no god !!

i.e. God will not see and take notice of what we are doing.

There is only ONE REASON:  That Khris Eves survived so many attempts on his life – nothing else can even begin to make any sense – Jesus Christ has protected This child – just as HE PROMISED !!

“Call on ME.. .. ..  in the ‘day of trouble’ – I will deliver thee and thou shalt GLORIFY ME !!

THAT IS CALLED:   ‘A PROMISE’ !!  My youngest son is living proof !!



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3 Responses
  1. Laura says:

    I saw a few mentions of someone trying to kill (your son?)… and I guess several officers being taken down…. but it’s all very cryptic so I’m not really sure I understand what’s going on and all (been following your wonderful threads in a few places).. but.. are you still in Alaska? Are you returning to Point Hope?

  2. J.U. says:

    God Bless you & your boys, I hope you find peace and happiness in all things.

  3. Ray K says:

    Hey there, send me an email and stuff i need to talk to you guys…. Well you know my number as well and call me!!!