Grand Finale Pink Floyd’s Funnies !!


Todays news

For three and a half long years; ONE PIG; that resembles a ‘human being’ has trashed obsessively anything & everything I have typed.  This pig will stoop to the lowest level – consistently & constantly to fabriate outrageous lies, just to make  his point !!  In this new section, we will show in a very simple fashion using comical ‘pig cartoons’ that we have made ourselves  The Oinky Oinky in Action (animated).

If you notice, Floyd states with absolute certainty; that he called a friend,  The EMT that was down on the ice that day. Notice floyds response.  It sounds authentic enough, especially since I aplogized right away.

Everyone in Barrow states :  Two women died from their skulls getting crushed.

We met with the EMT – Tom Saxton: He said: Yes floyd called us; and we told him YOU WERE RIGHT !!

Floyd took it upon himself- to deliberately change the truth to suit his  agenda.

Floyd STILL INSISTS that only one woman got hurt from getting hit in the chest. Everyone in Barrow says; Two women died from their skulls being crushed by the block & tackle.

What type of : ?person? would stoop to such a low level ??

So, Floyd cried & complained to the moderators of the web sight; the thread was closed;  and I was banned! Floyd was finally happy!

Once he got away with that, then he grew bolder & bolder going out of his ways to fabricate falshoods, but he was caught time & time again.  Not one apology; Still to this day he continues; – THEN I BANNED HIS IP  from accessing my web site.

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