G.W.B. !!

NO !! That doesn’t stand for what you thought it was.. (George Washington Bush)  NOPE..  not even close !!


 This is much more serious than that.!  I know .. you have all the facts, figures and you KNOW !!

 YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED .. !!  See how easy that was to do.  Deception of the MASSES

It has been going on for quite some time now !! 

 get the people ready using this well proven technique.




Get ready.. .. for the upcoming preview of the Anti-christ.. He is going to really


I woke up the other morning and opened the page @ CNN dot com. I immediately scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see what the weather was going to present  today… here in Barrow – Top of the World  43 degrees sunny ! Oh gosh I hate the heat. I rather  live in much colder temps. Living outside is so refreshing,  Inupiaq people have taught me much, that is why I much rather live with Inupiat people instead of the white man and his ways.

I got up to go to the door to see if any wind was present for this gosh awful heat.  It was snowing and nice and cool !!  Too many people today believe everything they read on the internet. this is very dangerous !!

It doesn’t matter which subject you choose to find information about. There are at least two or more  different sides to any topic out there. !!  I find this new disinfomation highway, “comical” !  Be careful what YOU believe !!

I believe what is written in Matthew chapter 24  .. there shall be earthquakes in divers places, There shall be wars.. and rumors of wars.. .. for nation shall rise up against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom .. Isn’t that what we are reading in today’s headlines ?   Simple words, written thousands of years ago .. .. .. .. (think and read) ! take ten minutes !! FIND OUT THE TRUTH !!  I just happen to know.. .. the ending !  (smile – wink)

 There are only two choices to this ‘story’. He either told the TRUTH or he lied.   There are no other options.






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