Inupiaq Whale Hunt


Here is the ULTIMATE proof; That Everything I have typed is the truth;  We know these people; We have been living and working with these  exact same people – for years.  My photographs – are strikingly similiar in each and every aspect of what these Barrow Whalers encounter.  My stories match their dialogue;

Floyd Davidson has never been whaling — not once; in all the 12 years of his residence here in Barrow.Three years ago Floyd stumbled on to my work; He was furious! enraged BEYOND CONTROL – His words will be posted here; to display the true character of a PIG.

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  1. David Eves says:

    This all began; 3 1/2 years ago when I posted a true story of what happened out on the ocean ice in Barrow – pulling up a whale. The O-ring on the block and tackle broke and three women (from the hospital) in Barrow were hurt. Two of those women had their heads literally crushed by the impact of that block & tackle. Brain matter and skull fragments were scattered all over the ice. The third woman lived, but it took her many years to recover.

    Floyd insisted I was lying; !! He made a call to a friend of his, The EMT that was down there; that day. Floyd posted his remarks here; We had the GREAT PLEASURE to meet this man. Tom Saxton & His son- Gage. They each said the exact same words to us.

    Yes !! Floyd called us; He asked us what happened, we each told him @ different times. Yes it is the truth; two women died.

    NOTICE: how Floyd delierbately changed the truth and inserted his own version that only one woman got hurt from getting hit in the chest. I was banned from him complaining to the moderators.!! My popular thread was shut down and closed.