Isaiah Eves !

The #1 Request I receive constantly is:  More stories; people love to read mezmorizing stories that are indeed factual.

I have a following of people that are amazed at the bizarre stories I have published and some of them (most of them) are kinda bizarre  to say  the least;   Google:  Jesus drove a snowmachine  and read the true story – with 7 different witness as to this preposterous event. Stuff like this, just doesn’t happen. Although it seems to follow me no matter where I live.  Which only goes to prove:  Jesus Christ is alive and well!  There is just no other explanation that even remotely begins to make any sense what so ever.  Here is a perfect example:  You be the ‘judge’ of this true story.

The year was 1972.   I was married. a young family just starting out. I had a daughter that was about 2 years young. As every man wants;  A son to carry on the family name. Especially when I found out that I was the last male in my family to carry on the family name.  I wanted a son.  I wanted a son for a much different reason; To TRAIN HIM: To become a spiritual GIANT.  This was my obsession in 1972 & 1973.  It is all I could think about and pray about, day & night for years.  My wife was adamant – NO!  She would freely offer her negative comments in overflowing abundance. I much rather belive in the Promises of the Lord, than some woman who was constantly wrong (about everything).

I wanted a son & I wanted to name him ISAIAH.   At some point in time; I went out and bought some gold leaf lettering that could be applied to any surface;   In my darkroom on a white wall – I rubbed the letters to form his name and I would stare at it constantly.  Oh how I wish & pray.  This was in 1973.   At that time, I also had a daughter. Vanessa. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE; MY WHOLE REASON FOR EXISTING.   I just had to add her name to the wall,  It looked wonderful, until I screwed it all up; than it looked different.  It didn’t look right !   This is how the names were arranged on the wall.




 It was beautiful to behold, in gold leaf shinny calagraphy type text. But something was wrong.  It did not look like brother & sister.  It looked like ?  Husband & Wife.   This bothered me greatly.  It just didn’t look right.  (end of story).

1981 –  June, I left Boston to move to Alaska to seek work as an electrician.  I was lucky, I was working steady and had a great company to work with that sent me to Point Hope.   There I found out my wife divorced me (over the phone). GOOD.  In 1983 I married an Inupiaq woman & Isaiah Eves was born in November 14th of that year.

I have never told anyone this story of Isaiah.  NO ONE. ever !!   I fell in love with the Inupiaq people – the culture – lifestyle and the Arctic.  I wasn’t leaving.  I have agonized over loosing my precious daughter Vanessa.  Since 1980, I have not been able to celebrate Christmas.  It has no meaning for me ever again.

Now, in Point Hope, I had a thorn in my side, a little cute kid that I would see constantly every day, riding her bike. Everytime she would see me, she would smile big and say.. Hi Umah !! (Oo mah).   Umah is an eskimo  term meaning “sweetheart” but not in the sense you use that word.  It is much different and it takes a rather lengthy explanation that might be confusing.   Umah vs. Attiik      Attik (Ah tick) is someone who shares the same name as you do.  It is common to hear people say;  Hello Ut!  (because the person they are addressing has the same first name ).

Hello Umah!

My Umah 1988

An Umah is special;   Two women in the village have the same first name (English or Inupiaq) :  Clara – those two women are Attik’s to each other. BUT; their spouses; ARE: Umah’s.    The other woman named Clara is my Umah.  And so are her children, They refer to me as Umah when they see me.  Well this one young girl who always called me Umah. One day said to me, (sob),  Umah?  How come you never call me by my name ?? All the air was kicked out of me, as I gasped for air, I merely said,  I can’t!  It hurts too much.   This girls name was Vanessa.  The only girl with that name, not only in this village, but in all other Inupiaq villages !!

1991  I took all my sons out of  Point Hope to Anchorage to give them an education properly.  I would not be allowed to do what I did in the village.  Absolutely not.  IN 2003 we moved back to Point Hope,  In  2004 with  absolutely no first hand knowledge; of anything that had transpired in my past via photographs or stories,  I received notice from Isaiah that he was getting married.  Wow; I said;  To who ??    Vanessa Dirks was the name he said and I felt so wierd all over. DejaVu ?  Oh WoWoW !!  Lord?  You sure work in very mysterious ways indeed !!

Isaiah & Vanessa Eves were married in 2004 !  31 years after I wrote those two names on my darkroom wall.  I was in Kotzebue @ the time, When I heard the news that I was invited to a wedding in Point Hope,  I nearly passed out cold!

F ile this: Someplace between X-Files & Twilight Zone.  Stuff you just could never ever make up!!

Isaiah & Vanessa

Isaiah & Vanessa

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