“Little People” – of the Arctic

‘Little people’ e-mail zips through rural Alaska

Most people think .. .. .. this is myth !!  Proof has surfaced once again in a most bizarre way !!


Luke Koonuk Jr. was hunting a few years ago, many miles from the village of Point Hope, hunting all alone.  His 4 wheel honda got stuck in the mud in some ruts. He tried and tried and tried to get that honda free from the grasps of the mucky mud. He could not lift it over the ruts.  He was exhausted tying to move that honda that was too heavy to move. At one point, he was bent over, exhausted trying to catch his breath, out of the corner of his eye he saw his honda rise and come crashing down on a firm hard place. He turned to see a flash /  blur running away. His honda was ready to go… he drove home and told; & re-told his experience out there that day. I could fill pages with stories that are told here, experiences people have when out hunting. Reports are phoned in from Kivalina frequently about these people.

Three years ago. Some people in Kivalina encountred a small group of these people, they were speaking fluent Inupiaq, They were trying to locate a ‘friend” that had a book; they wanted to learn more about this person called Jesus Christ !!

The little people (called by many different names ) Used to live with and among the people of Point Hope. Long before the Yankee whaling companies arrived. One of their young was killed and eaten by a dog, they moved out of the village and continue to live underground and in caves throughout this region.

They still dress the old ways using nothing but caribou skins for clothing  and they still hunt with bow & arrow to this day.

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