Long dark – Arctic Winter

Noon in Barrow

 In this image above , it is noon in mid October in Barrow Alaska – Top of the World !!

DARKNESS in the Arctic is quickly approaching, We are loosing 20 minutes of daylight each day.

November 18th, the sun will go below the horizon, and we will not see the sun rise above the horizon until Jan 24th ! But we do have “light” (dusk) each and every day,  for about 1 1/2 hours it will be light enough to read a newspaper outside, then darkness for the remainder of each and every day.

When the sun does finally crest above the horizon in late January, we slowly start to gain more minutes, and the days begin to grow longer, MAY  – August NO DARKNESS AT ALL EVER !!

Two-Thirty early afternoon

Notice the antenna’s sticking up @ each house.  Every home has a C.B. & VHF radio, This is just one method people use to keep in touch all over the village.  It is not uncommon to hear.. Mary.. bring my honda home !!

Three Thirty

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