To talk about Lot, I will have to talk about Abram first. Before I forget again, I’ve always studied using the King James version of the Bible. Every thing that I have written before, I’ve quoted from the King James Bible. Abraham’s name was Abram at first but God changed it to Abraham in Genesis 17:5. His wife’s name was Sarai and God changed her name to Sarah in Genesis 17:15. Any time I talk about them, I will use their new names. There is a lot of controversy about dates in the Bible. Not monthly, but yearly dates. If you read about Abraham’s birth, you can easily get from 10 to 20 different dates. I am going to use my Bible for all the dates. My Bible is a ‘crusade analytical study edition’ King James version. 4004 B.C. is the year that Adam was cast out of the Garden of Eden. My Bible continues all through the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi. The year for Malachi is 397 B.C. Tradition says that there is 400 years of No prophetical word between the last prophet in the Old Testament (Malachi), and John the Baptist, the first prophet in the New Testament. I don’t say that my Bible dates are right and every one else’s dates are wrong, but my Bible is numerically consistent from beginning to end. Year dates are important to help you figure out the amount of years between certain events.

      In Genesis 12:4, Abraham, when he is 75 years old, leaves Haran and takes his wife Sarah and his nephew Lot with him. The year was 1921 B.C. They journeyed together into Canaan and then into Egypt and then back into Canaan until the year 1917 B.C. In Genesis 13:7, Abraham and Lot each had much cattle and there was strife between their herdsmen and in verses 8-9, Abraham asks Lot to separate from him and gives him the choice of all of the land that is around them. In verses 10-11, Lot chooses the plain of Jordan. In all my years as a Christian, I have heard only negative remarks about this and I also said that Lot should have given the choice back to Abraham. However, a few years ago, while studying Genesis, the Lord showed me another way of looking at this passage. Put


yourself in Lot’s shoes. He has been traveling with Abraham for four years since they left Haran. He has prospered but Abraham has prospered much more. In Egypt, Abraham received much even after what he did there. To Lot, it did not make any difference where he chose because he knew that God would prosper Abraham no matter where he went. In verses 14-15, God tells Abraham to look north, south, east and west and also, that everything that he sees, God will give to him and his seed. If you go back to chapter 12:1-2, God told Abraham to leave his country and his kindred and his father’s house and he would become a great nation and God would show him the land his seed would inherit. Abraham and Lot had been in the land of Canaan for most of these four years but God waited until he had separated himself from Lot before He said to look at what was going to be his. Abraham had left his country and his father’s house but until now, he had not left his kindred. Abraham gave Lot his choice and Lot looked and chose the plain. Now God tells Abraham to look and the plain is part of what he sees. So it didn’t make any difference where Lot chose. It would end up belonging to Abraham anyway. In Genesis 14:11-12, in the year 1913 B.C., Sodom and Gomorrah were overrun by king Chedorlaomer. Lot and all of Sodom and Gomorrah were taken captive. Abraham hears of this and gathers his people and pursues after them and gains a victory over Chedorlaomer’s army. In verse 16, he rescues Lot and his goods and his women and the people. In Genesis 18:16-22, God tells Abraham about destroying Sodom and Gomorrah. In verses 23-32, we have Abraham’s intercessory prayer. In verse 23, Abraham asks God if He will destroy the righteous with the wicked. God does not answer this question but we have to assume that God had said no because if God had said yes that He would destroy the righteous also, then Abraham would not be able to use the righteous people as a bargaining point for the city. If God had said yes, then Abraham would have prayed for only Lot and his family. With no as an answer, Abraham continued praying. He was not praying for Lot or for the righteous, he was praying for the city. He started at 50 and got it down to 10 righteous people and


God said that He would not destroy the city for 10. Why would Abraham stop at 10? Most people answer that by saying that he went down as far as he would dare to go. I don’t believe that. If he would go from 50 to 45 to 40 to 30 to 20 to 10. That’s a lot of daring already, so why wouldn’t he go down one more number to a number of righteous people who he thought were there in the city. I believe that he thought that there would be at least 10 righteous people there. We know that only 4 righteous people left that city. Using common sense, if you were interceding for a city, would you stop at the number 10 if you thought that there were only 4 righteous people in the city?

      Let’s talk about Lot now. There is no recorded date of his birth or of his death. To get an idea of his birth, you have to go back to his grandfather Terah. Terah was born in 2126 B.C., (Genesis 11-24). In Genesis 11:26, 2056 B.C., Terah was 70 years old and begat 3 sons, Abraham, Nahor and Haran. Verse 27 speaks of the generations of Terah and that he begat 3 sons, using the same names and same order. Between verses 26 and 27, there is a 60-year difference. Verse 26 is 2056 B.C. and verse 27 is 1996 B.C. Because of the 2 listings, I believe that the first son was born in the first listing and the third son was born in the second listing and the third son in the middle somewhere. Most people believe that Abraham was the oldest because he was named first. I don’t. I believe that the order was reversed and Haran was the oldest. I’ve done a lot of research on this subject and like I said before, you can get 10 to 20 different years for the birth of Abraham, so I am using my Bible to figure this out. In Genesis 12:4, Abraham is 75 years old and the year is 1921 B.C. If you add the 75 years of age to the year he left Haran you get 1996 B.C. as Abraham’s birth date. Go back to Genesis 11:27. You will find the generations of Terah there. Let’s look at generations. In Genesis 5:1-3, (the book of the generations of Adam), Adam was 130 years old and begat Seth. Cain and Able are not mentioned in the generations even though they were born before Seth because the book of generations is about the lineage of Jesus. In Genesis 6:9-10, we have the generations of Noah. All 3 sons are


  mentioned because they had to replenish the earth. In Genesis 11:10, we have the generations of Shem because he is in the lineage of Jesus. In Genesis 11:27, we have the generations of Terah. Again, when you talk about the generations, you are talking about the lineage of Jesus. Abraham is the only 1 of the 3 sons of Terah in that line. The year is 1996 B.C. That is why I believe that Abraham was the youngest. Also in verse 27, another name is mentioned; Lot. In verse 28, it says that Lot’s father Haran died in Ur. There is no age given for Lot. He could have been older than Abraham. We don’t know. In Genesis 12:5, Abraham leaves Haran and takes Lot with him and all their substance and all the souls they had gotten in Haran. So Lot had cattle and people working for him. To me he was not a young boy. Lot is never called the nephew of Abraham, but he was called his brother’s son and even his son. The next big event for Lot was in Genesis 13:8-9, in 1917 B.C. It was the strife of the herdsmen. I have already talked about that above. The next event, which is in Genesis 14:12, in 1913 B.C., is the capture of Lot and all of Sodom. In verse 16, Abraham brings back Lot and his goods and the women also and the people. In this verse Lot is called Abraham’s brother. Lot’s women would be his wife and daughters, not girls. The next event for Lot begins in Genesis 19:1, in 1898 B.C. with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The 2 angels enter the city and Lot brings them to his house. In verse 8, after the men of the city surround the house, Lot offers them his 2 virgin daughters. Then in verse 12, the angels ask Lot if he had any more sons in law, sons or daughters in the city and if so, to go get them out. Most people believe that the 2 daughters at home are betrothed to 2 men in the city and those are the ‘sons in law’ mentioned. That is possible, but these same people also say that Lot had no one else in the city. I don’t believe that. In those days women married young and had children as soon as possible because it was a reproach for a woman not to have a child. If you go back to Genesis 14:16, (which is 15 years earlier), to Lot’s women that were rescued, you would see that even if they were in their teens then, they would be in their thirties at this time, and they would have been


  married and had children. In those days there were no career women or old maids or spinsters. All got married. So ‘sons in law’ could also be talking about the husbands of these women. The angels also mentioned sons. There is no record of when Lot got married or whom he married or even the names of his 2 girls at home. He could have had sons. I don’t know, but ‘sons’ mentioned here could be grandsons. If you look at Genesis 31:28, you find that Laban is talking to Jacob and he says, “my sons and my daughters”. Those ‘sons’ were all his grandchildren. If you read the rest of the chapter, the words sons and children are mentioned often and in the last verse, (55); ‘Laban kisses his sons and daughters’. So when the angels talk about ‘sons’, they could be talking about grandchildren. They also mention daughters and they are not talking about the 2 girls at home. If you go back to Abraham’s intercessory prayer, he stopped at 10 righteous people. If you count the 4 at home, Lot, his wife and 2 daughters, at least 2 daughters in the city and their 2 husbands (sons in law), and at least 2 sons (grandchildren), you come to at least 10. That’s why I believe there were at least 10 of Lot’s family in the city. To me, that is why Abraham stopped there. Abraham most likely thought that all of Lot’s children were righteous. We know that 4 righteous people left the city. Any other children in the city were not righteous because God promised Abraham that he would not destroy the righteous with the wicked. This shows us that even though children are raised in a righteous home, it doesn’t mean that they will remain righteous once they leave. Look at the Prodigal son. He was raised in a righteous home and he left and became unrighteous. Again, Abraham’s intercessory prayer was for the city and not for Lot or for the righteous people. You should also notice that the angels do not go looking for any righteous people or send Lot into the city to find any others, other than the righteous in his family. Do you think that God had sent the angels into the city without any knowledge of the righteous people there, especially after promising Abraham that He would save the city for 10 righteous people? To me, that means that there were no righteous people in the city, other than the possibility of Lot’s


  children. Notice what the angel says to Lot in Genesis 19:15. ‘Take thy wife and 2 daughters that are here’. So there must be daughters in the city. In verse 16, Lot lingers, and here again, most people say that he loved the city so much that he didn’t want to leave it. Look at 2 Peter 2:7:8. Lot is called a righteous man and his soul was vexed, (tormented), every day by the unlawful deeds of the people of the city. If you go back to Genesis 19:9, the people of the city say that he tried to be a judge over them. Why did he linger? Put on his shoes as a father. Wouldn’t you hesitate to leave as long as possible hoping to see your children come out of the city to leave with you? I know I would. 

      Let’s talk about the wife. Again, most people say all kinds of negative things about her; especially that she didn’t want to leave the bright lights and the action of Sodom. It does not say anywhere that the wife was righteous but it also does not say that she was unrighteous. As far as I can figure out, the righteous people were saved out of the city of Sodom. It also does not say that the wife and 2 girls were saved because of the righteousness of Lot. To me, the wife and the 2 girls were righteous also. In verse 17, the angel tells them not to look behind. In verse 26, Lot’s wife looks back and turns into a pillar of salt. Again, most people say that she turned back because she couldn’t bear leaving the city. Put yourself in her shoes as a mother. Don’t you think that you would turn around and look back hoping to see your children following behind? That’s a pretty good reason for doing that. The problem is that it does not matter how good your reasons are. When it goes against a command of God, you will suffer the consequences. If you look at 2 Samuel 6:6-7, you see that David was trying to get the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem and he had it put on a cart. As the oxen stumbled and the Ark shook, Uzzah put forth his hand to steady it and God struck him dead. Uzzah was trying to do the right thing but it went against what God had commanded. The only persons who could touch the Ark were the priests. You will find that scripture in Numbers 4:5-15. In verse 15, the bible says that even the Levites could not touch any of the holy things, such as the Ark, lest they die and Uzzah was not even a Levite. He was from the tribe of


Judah. Anyway, you cannot go against a command of God, for if you do, you will suffer the consequences. Lot’s wife did that.

      Let’s talk about the 2 girls. I believe that they were righteous like the mother and they were being saved because of their own righteousness and not the righteousness of their father. I also believe that they were teenagers. To me, if they were older, they would have been married. Again, women married young and had children right away. I don’t remember any elderly woman in the bible that had been single all her life. If the 2 girls were betrothed to 2 men of the city, they were still virgins. The girls end up living in a cave with their father. You find that in Genesis 19:30. In verses 31-32, you have to read the reason why the girls did what they did. I don’t know how much time had elapsed between the destruction of Sodom and the present time but the girls had to have seen what happened to Sodom and the rest of the cities. The smoke from the fire must have still been billowing up from those cities. In verse 31, the older girl says that there is not a man to come in unto them after the manner of all the earth. It seems like they thought that there were no men left on earth for them to marry. In verse 32, the reason for doing this is to preserve the seed of the father. In other words to keep his name going. Put your self in their shoes. They thought that they had a good reason for doing what they did. There is no record of them getting Lot drunk a third time, so sex is not the motive. There are many people who picture them in that way. As a result the 2 girls got pregnant. How many women do you think get pregnant on their first try? Both girls did here, and each had a boy. Moab was one and Ben-ammi, (who is called Ammon), was the other. There are so many people who say, “ What can you expect from children of incest”? For one thing you will not find the word incest in your bible because it’s not there. In the dictionary, incest is described as; ‘a crime of sexual intercourse between persons so closely related that their marriage is prohibited by law’. I don’t know when this law came about, but it most likely came from the puritans many years ago. It’s from man, not God. If you look at Genesis 20:12, you will see that Abraham married his sister Sarah. From that marriage you get Isaac. Isaac is one of the


most righteous persons in the bible. Incest. Nahor, Abraham’s brother, married Milcah, the daughter of Haran, Abraham’s other brother. From that marriage you get Bethuel, their son, who marries and produces Rebekah. Incest. Isaac marries Rebekah, his niece and from them you get Jacob. Incest. Jacob marries his cousins Leah and Rachel, the daughters of Laban, the brother of Rebekah, who is Jacob’s mother. From this marriage you get the 12 tribes of Israel. Incest. We have been brought up with the law of incest. Those 2 girls were not because there was no such law then. In our eyes, what the girls did was wrong but in their eyes it was right and their motive was pure. There isn’t any verse in scripture where God condemn’s the 2 girls. In fact, God blesses them tremendously. The 2 sons Moab and Ammon become 2 great nations. Not only that, but from Moab we get Ruth the great grandmother of David, which puts her in the lineage of Jesus. So you see that something good did come from that relationship. Don’t judge these 2 girls harshly. God didn’t. Do not use the standards of today to judge the standards of that time. They are altogether different. If you go back to the flood, God tells the 3 sons of Noah to replenish the earth. How could they do that except by incest?                                                                                      

      I have written these things about Lot and his family because in my studying these many years, God has shown me that there was another way of looking at them besides the way that most people look at them. I also believe that the reasons for Lot being mentioned in the bible are not because of Sodom and Gomorrah. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah would have happened even if Lot weren’t there. In the first place, I believe that Lot was mentioned in the Bible because he traveled with Abraham. God had told Abraham to leave his kindred and when he finally did leave his kindred (Lot), God told him to look around and that he was standing on that land. The second reason is because of the 2 children, Moab and Ammon, who in later years had a lot to do with the Israelites, (God’s chosen people), and of course Ruth the Moabitess.



      Remember, the bible is a book about Jesus from cover to cover. Lot and his 2 daughters are never mentioned again because they are not needed in the story about Jesus or Israel. Abraham’s story continues because he is the father of the Israelite nation and Jesus was an Israelite. Abraham’s brothers were mentioned because they had something to do with the posterity of Abraham. After Jacob leaves Laban, they are never mentioned again because they did not have anything else to do with the story of Jesus. I want to mention Moab and Ammon for the last time because of how they ended up. If you read Deuteronomy 2:4-19, you will see that God had blessed Edom and Moab and Ammon by giving them the land that they possessed. Israel was not to distress them in any way on their way to the promised land. Then read Psalm 83. In that Psalm you will find a lot of nations mentioned who were antagonizing Israel and most of them were descendants of Abraham. They had nothing to do with incest but they are listed with Moab and Ammon. I pray that what I’ve written here will give you a different perspective in the way you look at stories in the bible. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.


Bill Gauthier



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