Majik Imaje – Radio Interview – KBRW

Jennel Everett will Interview Jesse (The  ‘J’  in Majik Imaje )  Next Friday morning (Sept 26) @ 7:30 a.m. on KBRW here in Barrow.  They want to get the word out to the community  about out new local business here in Barrow.  What is our purpose and what are our long term goals.

Jesse has been gaining experience for many years in how to properly run a business since 2002 when he ran our Gallery on 4th ave in Anchorage 2002 – 2003.  The response was overwhemling, far greater than anything I ever expected in my wildest dreams.  This one year market study proved that people all over the world are very interested in the lifestyle / culture of North America’s Oldest people !

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