Model Releases .. .. ..

.. .. .. are a must  for any professional to obtain; especially when dealing with photographs that contain people.   The laws.. are complicated, for there are many different categories that these laws fall under.

STORY TIME:  This is a  true story .. easily verifiable .. Here is the photograph that was involved in a legal dispute.   I am the photographer.  I obtained the model release signed by the person in this photograph.


The person in this photograph is Rex Rock – whaling captain – President of Tikigaq Corporation.  I create the photograph, He signs the model release.  Now for the bizarre portion of this story.  This image was created in 1988  Mid May. Precisely @ midnight. Winner of Alaska Press Award 1989 – Published Alaska Magazine Dec. 1990 in the calendar section.  1991 Graphix Art Publishing – Portland Oregon tried to steal this image for use in the book ALASKA’S ARCTIC, They paid me 5,000 for the five images they pubished in that book.

 They tried unsuccessfully to outright steal this image. They did not succeed. British Petrolium was in Joint Venture with this book publisher and I lost 75 images to BP and they laughed in my face as they did it.

1996 I present Tikigaq corporation with an Album of our ten best selling images for a proposal for use in calendars or other assorted use(s) of these images.   This image was in that small 8 x 10 album. Each image had a gold copyright notice on it. Each image had my signature on it.  I never heard back from that corporation here in Anchorage during the time I was here.  I had tried in vain many times in person to make contact of some sorts about the album and its contents.  I was avoided and unsuccessful in each instance.

Fast forward: 2002 I have heard from other natives for about three years –  about two of my photographs are on “phone calling cards’. ?   I have to find a copy of one of these phone calling cards to see for myself if this rumor is indeed true.  I have heard from friends that these phone calling cards have been spotted in Healy, Prudhoe Bay and in Anchorage.  I track down a place in Anchorage  ( a gas station) that is selling these phone calling cards.. I purchase two of them. for evidence. The second image was the children in the bathtub chasing a whale.  Our #1 best selling image every year.

Our Best Selling Image - year after year !

Well to make a long story much shorter, Once I had the evidence,  I called customer support, I found out who the person was (Rex Rock) that ordered these phone calling cards, then I marched right on over to the Tikigaq main office in Anchorage.   My name had been cut off, my copy right notice had been removed also.  I had made three appointments to speak with Rex Rock over this issue. He made 3 appointments and skipped out on all three occasions.  Frustrated at being led in circles I went once again over to this main office. I asked the native receptionist that knew me very well.. Who? is in charge when Rex is not in Anchorage?  She gave me the name of the CFO – Chief Financial Officer. I was very direct with him. How would you like to go into court and loose 300,000 K !  that was the statement I made.  I presented my evidence.. (the two phone callng cards).  His response was.. ‘how can we clear and clean this up” ?   Tikigaq corp. Lost 180,000 on this fine deal they made with the phone calling card company !!  The cards were all bogus !!!

I truthfully told him these words..  I do not want to embarass Rex.. i will gladly settle out of court. I was awarded $15,000.  I was content.. I gave the whole 15,000 away.. .. to one person..  Allan Lane, the person who claimed he had cancer,  and only had two months to live. (search “homeless” in the search field above.)  We wanted to make his last days as happy and comfortable as possible.  Only because, He saved my life in Feb of 83.

I have worked for Tikigaq Corporation 4 times.  Each time I was cheated out of my pay, two times I was able to obtain a small amount back.  every word of this story is true and verifiable !!

Rex now wants his paycheck doubled, He currently makes steals 5k a week,  he now wants 10k  the shareholders of this corporation do not receive any dividends at all for many many years.   Rex & his two friends that work for Tikigaq corpoation, they take it all each and every year.  Eskimo Enron !!  Exact same situation and thievery !! One of his sons has the nerve to walk around the school wearing Gucci shoes and sunglasses, in a village where many familes can barely even afford to eat !! 

Rex is the Godfather for my 4 Inupiaq sons !!  In 20 years time.. he has.. done nothing!!   I have never heard  Rex speak the truth when he has spoken to me in over 3 decades !!  I am still owed over $75,000 for work I did when their store caught fire and the whole electrical panel (400 amp) melted into a puddle.  Dec 26th 1981.  I fixed the whole store, installed a new 25Kw generator w/ auto transfer switch security system and fixed all the lights. The CFO of Tikigaq Corporation wanted to pay me, once proof was supplied..  (without interest). but Rex said no !  The CFO got a 72,000 dollar raise that year and each year thereafter !!

The last time I worked for Tikigaq corporation was 2003, for 3 1/2 weeks.  They would not pay me, I quit.      I filed a claim with Alaska Wage & Hour division, It took just over two years exactly to solve this case. Everyone in Tikigaq corporation (Anchorage & Point Hope office)  insisted I was not in the village, they insisted I did not do any work. They made a very powerful case against me.  Until I told wage & hour division two sentences.  check with the Point Hope Native Clinic.. It was all on record that I was in the village. I had just suffered my third stroke I had lost most all of my eyesight over the stress TIkigaq corpoation was putting me through again.  I was in that clinic every day June July & August I flew to Kotzebue for eye exams.  TC claimed I had been paid a check a week in advance of being put to work and that I had left town and did not do any work. It was proven I was hired on June 9th of 2003.. I was issued a check .. June 30th . It was cashed in the store, on July 1st.  Those two facts blew all their lies out of the equation. They finally got caught lying. I won 2,600 bux. with no interest 2 years later almost to the day.  THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES.. Mike Jordan & floyd Davidson have learned a valuable lesson.. ” The truth will set you free” !!  I love those words Jesus said.. I refuse to ever lie about anything only because of what it says.. ..  in the book of Revelation chapter 21 verse 8.  Notice the words..      ALL LIARS..   I do not ever want to be associated with that class of people !! Notice the words.. It does not say.. ‘some liars’  .. it does not say.. ..’most liars’…  The WORD of GOD..  clearly states… ALL LIARS !!  I will swear on a bible .. .. I have told the truth about everything I have typed !!  .. .. allways.. make sure you have a model relase that is signed. It will save your butt if you ever have to go into court.!!  Rex is only a phone call away for anyone who doubts anything I have typed !! But Rex has proven for 30 years..   .. He is incapable of ever telling the truth.. !!  Everyone in that town, wants him out of office,  He only thinks of himself, Unless your a relative or friend. you cannot work in that village. In 2007 Rex’s son Ryan Rock got caught cheating on a final exam by his teacher.. she was fired, the vice principal of the school, he quit, it was his wife.. this vice principal and his wife had worked in that school for 14 years, Rex had the teacher  fired  they left the village. But not before a whole bunch of teachers quit & left.

  Nepotisism is rampant in each and every village when it comes to hiring new workers.  His wife Ramona Rock.. .. smiles and says.. I just know we are going to heaven.. because   we help so many people !!

If there was ‘anything’ anyone on earth could do.. to earn their way into heaven.. .. then Christ died for nothing !!

Here is a brain dead person who has absolutly no idea what the Bible says…   Ephesians chapter 2 verse 8   ‘For by ‘grace’ are you saved through FAITH. and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, Not by works. lest anyone  SHOULD boast !!   Giving out of your excess is NOT GIVING.  The sole reason, for any corporation is to generate money for the shareholders.. Depriving them of their shares is refferred to as.. ..  STEALING !!

The annual report just came out this year for Tikigaq corporation! Each year I read this word for word a few times. each year I can’t sleep because I am so upset with what I see ..ESPECIALLY that which, isn’t printed in this annual report.  This years report says that a certain member of the board of directors has served from 2000 – 2006 with “nothing against her record over a traffic fine. the truth is .. this member was arrested for possesion of cocaine and other drugs yet she still serves on that board. Convicted rapists are allowed to work for that corporation. It is a very strange set of cirucmstances to gain employment, for some people.  There is no licensed electrician in that village.  Children that graduate from college to learn that trade. are denied the right to work. Even when a licensed electrician lived in that village !!

  Currently the value  of 100 shares of  Class A shareholders stock is only worth

ten cents !!

Tikigaq corporation is a construction company, they will not fix the street signs in town. for the last 25 years a 1/2 dozen homes are still standing, that were burnt down in accidential fires. Nothing has been done in 25 years !!!  So sad   It is time for a change for Tikigaq !!   This village needs someone who cares for the people, instead of just friends and family members 





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