New Design

A Bowhead & Albino Whale inside a mastodon fossil circle mounted on Baleen,

The harpoon head, is removable so as not to break when caught on clothing or such.

It has a tough piece of sinew attached so it will not become ‘lost’ !!

This design stole the show yesterday all over Barrow.

Bolo String Tie

Bolo String Tie

We received many, TOO many orders for this item yesterday. We have to find more mastodon to keep up with the demand !

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3 Responses
  1. Hello there. I am trying to contact you to ask for your permission to use one of your photographs in an online course at West Virginia University called “Wildlife Management 100: The Tradition of Hunting.” I am working with the instructor to build this course.

    This image: Would be a good fit for our section on subsistence hunting.

    The image would only be used inside of our online course system, and would only be visible to the students who are in the class(the system is not accessible to the public). Credit would also be given for the source of the image. Please let me know through e-mail, and thank you for your time.

  2. arthur wilson says:

    jesse i wanted to know if the blue piece of mastedon earrings are still for sale? let me know or could you send me your phone # and i could contact you about it and other peices. the earrings that i bought were a huge surprise and the baleen w/ ivory inlay was a great present to my friend. looking forward to purchasing more things
    arthur wilson