Our Impossible Dream .. .. ..

.. .. .. Is about to become a ‘REALITY’.      We have had a dream for more than 27 years.  

That dream .. .. is to build and implement NINE –  “You-niversities’ in each of the villages of the North Slope Borough Region for the children of  these villages.   Jesse has worked closely with 3 different mayors of the North Slope here in Barrow.

The number one question each of these Mayors have asked Jesse.  How ? can we keep the tourists in town longer.

A complex question that requires a simple approach and answer: 

” Transform Barrow into the Broadway of the Arctic”

This is easily accomplished by using gigantic photographs of the Inupiaq Lifestyle/ culture.  A self guided informative – educational walking tour, featuring four different paths to follow that guide each tourist throughout the village. 





3 New hotels featuring impressive photo galleries / videos – complete with gift shoppes displaying the Arts & Crafts of all the many skilled artists in the North Slope Borough Region.

Perhaps our most ‘radical’ idea is quite unique and simple –  FULL EMPLOYEMENT for all villages of the entire North Slope Region.    Now that in itself sounds totally impossible –  This is a subject that has been continually explored for decades.   NO solution has ever been discovered but I have found:  SIMPLE is always the easiest way to solve any problem.  But ya gotta think outside the box.   that is all it takes !  A BOX !!    A simple box in each village !!

A simple box that is built 5 feet off the tundra, using supports.  This box is 12 feet high and on the roof it has solar power panels and windmills at each corner.    It is self powered using natural resources of the wind and sun, with back up generators using natural gas or propane.

However this box is huge !   width & depth.  Inside on the right hand side are a row of  what looks like ‘stores’ in any shopping mall.   On the left side is the same basic appearance.  The middle is open just like any shopping mall.

ON the right side is where everyone – goes to work – in the many of the different types of stores.  There are fully equipped stores – shops – areas for  Sewing –  Doll making – Basket Making – Carving – Baleen products – Sled Making – Drawing – Painting – Photography – and any other crafts that are associated with the Inupiaq way of life.

The left side of this box has a long row of stores that are open & functional during the evening hours for recreation:

Bowling Alley –  Movie Theatres – Video Game Arcade – Pool /Billard hall – Tennis Court – volley ball court – Basket Ball – Swimming – anything and everything that the people of the villages want included !!

Popular Franchise food establishments can be employed and set up in the middle of this mall with amusement park for young children.  Each box contains at the far end.. A Costco  FOOD CENTER for food – clothing – furniture and every item that is difficult to obtain here in the Arctic.

We spend all our time – thinking – discussing – ways to improve the quality of life for these people here in the Arctic that are deprived of many of simplest things that are common in cities and civilization due to the remote area & location.


Anything & Everything that is created in these ‘work’ stores / areas is SOLD & purchased as soon as it is finished & completed.   These products are all sent to our new Majik Imaje Ink.  Locations –  Anchorage – Fairbanks – Kotzebue- Barrow – Sika – Juneau – Seattle – New York &  Boston.

Native Arts & Crafts is the # 1 booming new market the entire world is waiting to ‘collect’ & display.    A new Alaska Native Arts & Gallery opened more than a year ago in SOHO New York and is a huge success !

Majik Imaje as been on line  since the year 1998 !  We have more than 140 countries visit our site regularly each and every month !! 

Thanks to your continued interest and fascinating comments we will continue to provide the very best in Photographs of the Inupiaq lifestyle / culture up close and personal such as no one has ever displayed !!

Our Story that has been published on over 65 web forums is considered by the readers to be the most informative thread on the entire internet!   

Thanks for your contiued support and comments – !!  The very best is yet to come – stay tuned !

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  1. What an amazing idea! Things have moved so fast since I wrote the book. I’m way out of date!

  2. Jay Beebe says:

    Are you going to repay me? Return my email and let me know what your plans are. I need to know if you want me to start posting all the letters you sent to me telling me all the stories about crooked cops, even the new Chief of Police. I won’t tell the stories, I’ll just post your letters. I want my money back including last years interest. I don’t expect what you promised to pay, that I’ll never need to worry about money again. Those were your words.