Our Presidential Candidates.. .. ..

Are showing how lame we have all become to sit and listen to the UN-professional antics of the media and the 3 year old attitude of Obama.  He is always right, (he is as far left as possible). and everyone else is wrong, He has to stoop to making up lies to cover his ass. 

The sad thing is.. Obama had this election WON..  .. it was all his !!   Until Sarah came along and showed the true side of his campaign.. His change means.. change the truth..  THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will not stand behind that type of individual.  Either will the courts of LAW.


Is this the BEST  America has to offer us ??   He said. she said ???  Do those sound just like the words spoken in any 3rd grade class in many of the schools of the U.S. on a daily basis.. No we have two ?? adults spending hundreds of millions of campaign dollars to make commercials of .. She said.. she did.. He said.. He did. ??     What a ‘facking joke’ this election is turnng out to be.

God help us as a nation to get back to moral values in this country !!  Biblical choices and principles according to God’s Laws..  .. not some vain attempt with man’s frivilous hypocritical double standards !

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