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Some people do not want the ‘truth’ to be told about Brother Francis shelter !

  A new shelter for the homeless – is about to be built upon the existing site of the old Native Hospital here in Anchorage on 3rd Ave.

This structure will house and rehabilitate 1000 people!  This new shelter will be unlike any other shelter in the country or the world.


Mission:  Possible

where miracles happen daily

Hilton4  The Homeless

Puttin’ on the RITZ

Stay tuned for further developments – This shelter will have – bowling alleys, pool tables, darts, fooshball games and every type game that can be housed including swimming pools for men & women!

We intend to hire 5 star chefs to provide the very best in food, and services for this unique new shelter. A new clothing store will be included for people to obtain the best in clothing instead of hand me downs of used clothing.


We intend to construct three in Anchorage and one in Fairbanks and in Juneau if necessary. We will spare no expense what-so-ever to provide the very best possible. This structure will employ hundreds of people for full time jobs. All homeless people will receive a new house. (rent free).

Brother Francis shelter needs to be shut down for abuse and the improper manner in which they “bully” people and insult them without excuses.  Imagine a homeless shelter being run and administrated by drunks and drug addicts?  After staying in this shelter for two months at our own choosing:  This is what we found out to be true!  This place needs to be shut down and closed.  We know what we have seen and witnessed in this place and it is absolutely disgusting. indeed

As more information becomes available I will post it here on this blog.

Majik Imaje.. .. .. .. “because we care“.


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  1. onto your lunatic rants says:

    is this like the hotels you were going to build in Barrow and left running owing people money…you are a raving lunatic and need help..

    WE did not run from anyone – We owed two people money; one of those guilty people got paid off last OCTOBER. Her name was Jennifer Unarook; Jesse’s girlfriend for two years. She got her $700 when Jesse’s permanent fund showed up in her bank account. She was kind enough to send the remaining $500 down to us. But it still does not excuse her actions of walking up to Khris out on the ocean ice and shooting him point blank in the center of his forehead. The other person we still owe money to, lives in Louisana and we owe him a lot of money for IVORY he sold to us @ 5 times the going price; I don’t mind paying for it.. We have already sent him over 10,000 on a 18,000 order !! I am extremely honest – you are not – unless you actually work at that bank you posted for an e-mail address.

    you give yourself away TOO MUCH blueflame !!