I just had to post this, and I am laughing as I type these words, I just make a ‘bet’ with my son;  Watch I said,  I will go make a post in the Humor section, and watch this ‘person’ from Japan jump on our web site and go directly to that page/post.  Well he (you) cannot see this yet.  But I am very aware that you are watching me, while I watch you, watching me, watching you! So I notice on my Hit Sniffer page – no one is on my web site – We wait – to see what happens.

We wait .. .. and watch !!

AND.. .. BINGO he just showed up !!!!   Hey there my new friend !!! – lets chat !!!

And here are the images in order of what happened as it happened in real time. 

  This was so funny to watch !!


Right on Cue - !!

The Fun begins -


Interesting information

Two - twins or clones ?

I think they know we can see ??

They are reading what I just typed !!

OH well.. .. "next" !!

It is very nice to know that people are reallly interested in what I am doing;  this takes a lot of work to keep up with & lots more to keep posting on the different forums !! thanks so much !!  I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart (that has actually survived 15 heart attacks since 1989 !!

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