Sea ice ends year at same level as 1979

So much for the polar bear going extinct through loss of sea ice. Deception in the name of money for research !  Lying is the accepted norm in today’s society – whatever it takes to make your point !!   I abhor liars !  pure plain and simple – I refuse to ever stoop that low.

One verse, Revelation 21: verse 8  The list of who will spend eternity in hell !  The words are simple, easy to understand.     But I want you to notice the word that comes after the word – “ALL”  …  …  …  it does NOT SAY –  many or some..  It clearly and specificly says ALL – ‘LIARS’.  – think about that for more than 10 seconds !  That is how much God hates people that PRACTICE LYING – (they cannot ever be trusted) There is one word in that verse that is NOT easily understood by most people.  ‘socceries’   One only has to view the original Greek word used in this case to understand the meaning – ‘Pharmakia’ = pharmacy = ‘drugs’ !

Now for the link to the real story about the sea ice !!

I published a true story with photographs that is 30 years old and on going  !  This story has been read by most of the employees in the North Slope Borough School District and has been added to their Teacher Resource link. My story has been read by EVERYONE in Point Hope numerous times. From Kotzebue – Barrow and in almost every village – My story has been read.  The Mayor of the City of Barrow has read my story and is very impressed.

Only one person in the entire state of ALASKA has complained about my story and outright made up several (5) lies in a vain attempt to discredit me.  (tisk tisk ) what is wrong with some people. Gasp !!  It is very obvious Mr. Floyd Davidson –  you have lost your conscience !!

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  1. I saw a post of yours on the Luminous Landscape forum and I was curious if the “Brad Parker” you are referring to is the one who lived in Randolph, MA. He’s about 59 now.

    If he is the same person, could you drop me a line? He and my dad were pals, and my dad is trying to find him.


    • David Eves says:

      Bradford Parker – Is here in Barrow Alaska at this very moment for a two week vacation !! We paid his round trip ticket ($1,800). He returns to Randolph and arrives on Friday – January 23rd of this year. He will be in touch with you- shortly. (check your e-mail) !!

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