We reach throughout the entire world.

All I see is a bunch of numbers.. that don’t ‘mean”   what they say.. (ACCORDING TO brain dead people)

It took me 9 weeks to get .. .. ‘one million hits’

it took me 3 1/2 weeks to approach that same #  – in other words..  hits are increasing in a shorter amount of time.  That is ALL I care about.


Now we average about 2.5 million hits per month, which only means, more people are watching in a much shorter period of time.


Opps… I made a mistake again.. I said and have quoted this figure many times I have posted  80 countries for the last 3 years.. that was the # I would max out at, on a monthly basis I changed hosts because my last host, did not have that optinon enabled in aw stats and Webalyzer was not included. I switched from Start Logic to another Host that has much more to offer.!!  I am still looking for a host that provides all the services I need / want for this site which is growing quicker than I ever expected. Thanks for your continued interest and support !!  The store will become live on July FIVE !!   (ELIZABETH’S   BIRTHDAY ) !!

I made a terrible mistake again, I put in the forum @ NW Photoforum that I had 80 countries.. shame on me for making a mistake of that proportion.

21 Days of May .. what can I say !!  –  cept  hoorrayyy !!  & Thank You !

90 COUNTRIES this month !!


Currently in 2009 – We average 140 COUNTRIES per month !!!

In other words – ” the WHOLE WORLD” IS WATCHING !!

2011  We have more than 160 countries per month  Thank you all for your much continued interest in my work.