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Here comes the Son !

November 17th of 2008 the sun went BELOW the horizon in Barrow Alaska.

Today on January 24th, it rose brilliantly above the Horizon for the first time in 2009 !

Here comes the Sun !!

Here comes the Sun !!


The last time we saw the sun, was November 17th of 2008 – Now here it is again for the first time in 2009 !!

Here comes the SUN !!

Here comes the SUN !!


INSERT MUSIC HERE  ” Here comes the sun”  (chuckle)

Here comes the son - playing the same music !

Here comes the son - playing the same music !


SOMETHING NEW.. ..  Something different !!

This Scientific  Organization contacted me today via e-mail,  they  want to use my photograhs & stories !!  I gave them full permission. I do not want or need their money.  I just want to do all that is possible to help in this quest to discover the truth about global  warming or global ‘governance”  that is what I think all this hype is about.  I don’t know, but I do know there are two sides to every story. Two sides to every ‘coin’.  Time will tell.


The Other Side

 This is a MUST to Read & See

April 25th of 2008  Anchorage gets swamped with a snow storm, It has never snowed in Anchorage  this late in the year. ??

Yes the weather is changing, Stronger storms, global warming, !! It is brainwashed and accepted by almost 90% of the world today.  I knew this 40 years ago, people told me I was nutz, radical, and a fanatic.

It is all written out, in the greatest of detail, so precise. in the bible!  Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

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