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My Favorite Image(s)

“Daisy” Della Fay (Age3) 1982 Point Hope Alaska – Airport runway area.

There is quite a story behind this photograph, aside from it being my #1 favorite image of all time, that I Aningna have created, The story is more interesting indeed, for in 1983 United Bank of Alaska, offered me 100 K for the complete rights to this image. The vice president of that bank was Samanatha Delay,  United Bank of Alaska went bankrupt in 1987 or there abouts.

She was an unscrupulous person to say at the very least. Yes she presented me with a lot of money when we first met and all types of empty broken promises. My whole entire second whale hunt w/ album was ripped off. Many underhanded acts also took place which robbed me of many tens of thousands of dollars.  In 1997 Samantha was big news on All the Alaska news channels, she finally got caught doing some forgeries and trying to con some investors out of a huge amount of money. She got caught and went to jail for seven years.

Although this image is not our # 1 selling image, 50,000 post cards, @ 3 bucks each brings in a huge amount of money, I have been selling copies of this image since 1982, we have made a lot of money,  just from one image. The copy you have here (for free) is a very low resolution copy of the original.



  This is image, of Kathy Rock is one of my favorite images to look at. That expression is what I imagined before I ever went near her, to ask permission to capture her. sitting there oh so lovely!

 Oh so lovely - Kathy Rock Age 10 




Minnie & Elaine 1983Two teenage Inupiaq Eskimo girlfriends,  pose for mein traditional Native Dress @ 50 below zero . 


 Elaine's 'smirk' just makes me laugh every time I view this image.

Jimmy Nash Age 3.  seven miles out on the ocean ice pack.

Training to become a “boyer”.

 Go to any good book store and find a copy of ALASKA'S ARCTIC this image and many others of mine, start on page 128, my name is in the back of the book. so many people think they know so much when they say we do not sell these photographs and make money. such mindless people are rare, but not rare enough !

Lily & Donald Oktollik –  “Aaka & Aapa’  Grandmother & Grandfather, This is Calvin Oktollik’s Mother and Father, this also happens to be the GREAT GRANDPARENTS of my four Inupiaq Sons.

These are the GREAT Grandparents of my 4 Inupiaq Sons, Lilly & Donald Oktollik



A typical whaling camp


Wanna see me eat snow ?


Semour Tuzroyluk's crew, headed straight into the wind @ 50 below zero.

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