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FLOYD DAVIDSON – Barrow’s Pathological LIAR !!

FLOYD ?   It is obvious to EVERYONE – you are a pathological LIAR !!

On city data- Everyone that  lives in Barrow is wrong – You are the only person in the arctic that knows the truth – WOW!  ARE  YOU THAT STUPID ??

In 3 years time – you haven’t supplied one shred of EVIDENCE; – furthermore; not one person has ever come forward to substantiate your claims;  No!! not even one;

ELDERS in Barrow are tired of your puffed up lies and deceit.

YOU CLAIM: you are a professional photographer with 40 years experience – your web site says the exact opposite. All it takes – for anyone to simply discern the ‘truth’ – GO VISIT FLOYDS WEB SITE –  His ‘apparent lack of ” SKILLS is extremely obvious !!  Why must you lie & attempt to alter the truth – consistently & constantly about so many different subjects ??

How?? did you outrun a polar bear floyd ??  THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE !!  That bear can run 40 mph !! you can’t run period, you can’t even walk to pepi’s !! People that weigh 350 pounds can’t run floyd –  they “waddle” !!!

Why do you lie constantly about so many different things and events here in Barrow ?? EVERYONE in this village is well aware of your concocted made up conversations you have had with Bill Hess that are easily proven false.

BILL HESS himself contradicts your bullshit lies !!!  Page two of Gift of the Whale clearly demonstrates how far you go to outright make up things that are not true and are called LIES !!

YOU LIED AGAIN – about what happened out on the ocean ice in Barrow in 1991.  You claimed (you heard the story) You called a person (The EMT) that was there.  He told you – TWO PEOPLE DIED –  you posted that only one person died from getting hit in the chest.  FACT:  two women died (just as I said) because their heads were smashed and crushed by the block & tackle. TOO MANY PEOPLE in Barrow say this is true.  TOO MANY PEOPLE IN BARROW INSIST : your a pathological LIAR !!  Gage Saxon(son of EMT).  says your a liar – Eli Kagak – says your are a liar – the natives of Barrow INSIST you are a liar !

WE DO NOT WANT YOU IN THIS VILLAGE SPREADING MORE LIES – and always patting yourself on the back.

you run to the moderators in many web sites and complain and cry like a little baby when someone (anyone) opposes your one sided lop sided lying views !!

YOU HAVE MUCH TO BE PROUD OF FLOYD DAVIDSON;  how many lies do we have to catch you in ???

I have one question mr. almighty.   I posted an impressive photo essay(s) on City Data – four of them to be exact, ALL FOUR WERE CLOSED:  ( due to your insistence) that I am not telling the truth.

QUESTION: ??  IN my photo essay on Point Hope – you said – IT IS ALL TRUE – but then you went on to CLAIM – it is all exaggerated and misleading.   YOU HAVE ADMITTED IN THE PAST TO PEOPLE HERE:  You have never been to Point Hope.  QUESTION –   How could you possibly know what is false or true ??  I have quoted what I have experienced and told by the elders.  – it is ALL 100% TRUE !!   Why do you think the North Slope Borough School District has been linked to my site for almost ten years UNDER TEACHER RESOURCES  ????   MY STORIES ARE 100% ACCURATE !!!

I have a well published documented  track record of my work being published in many magazines and books and such. What do you have to show floyd ??  NOTHING !!! You a professional  photographer?   LIAR !! LIAR !! LIAR !!

YOU HAVE TO MAKE UP lies – you actually outran a polar bear  ??   Floyd you couldn’t run 8 feet – that is physically IMPOSSIBLE for any person with your BUILD !!   That much weight is impossible to move (quickly).

You claim – Carl Stalker in Point Lay did not get eaten by a polar bear – I POSTED THE NEWSPAPER article to PROVE IT.   WHAT HAVE YOU POSTED FLOYD ??  nothing but lies and narcissistic ramblings !!!

YOU POSTED THESE WORDS;  NO western observer has noticed any form of government in Point Hope before 1970.

How would you know that ?  You were not even up here then –


FACT:  Inside the Native Village of Point Hope – the walls are adorned with framed photographs of tribal government in action – during the 1950’s !!!!  Point Hope drafted their CONSTITUTION in 1934 !!  With Western Observers present – with photographs.

I posted a truly stunning image:  created using a toy 200 dollar camera – JUST TO PROVE A POINT

FLOYD ??  What type of mind altering drugs are you hooked on ??

You claim the only reason I use a panasonic is that is all we can afford?  FLOYD ??? ASK ANYONE IN BARROW – we made tooo much money DAILY from selling bracelets and ear-rings.  We were #1 !! Go ask Charlotte Brower – she spent over $7,000 in one week for 25 bracelets !!

I DO NOT HAVE TO LIE…  .. FLOYD – you haven’told the TRUTH about one subject in over 3 years time.. False assumptions and puffed up presumptions are your trademark. iN EVERY FORUM you present yourself as the all knowning  King of “truth” – you are obsessed with the same devil as Obama – everything is doublespeak – the exact opposite of the truth. Four great photo essay’s on City Data were closed all because you kept crying to the moderators that I was lying and  then we find out the truth –  that is why you were banned twice from that  great forum! YOU just have to lie to achieve your goals.

Well everyone at Alaska Outdoors Forum now see’s the simple truth of who this PRETENDER really is.  He cannot answer a simple question.   Floyd do you do photography as a living ? or as a hobby.  NOTICE THE 500 WORD ANSWER .. A bunch of double talk that doesn’t say anything !!

FLOYD IS :  truely a “wind up  – bobble head – TOY” !!   The reasons are more than obvious !!

When a ? person ? has to copy & paste responses from other forums to attempt to impress people with a bunch of technical non-sense NOT BASED ON PERSONAL EXPERIENCE(s).  THAT is a sad sick individual indeed !!

The bible says:  Satan is the FATHER of ALL LIARS – I know for a fact: your father is very proud of you – I wonder how your mother feels about your behavior??

You posted: David Eves got kicked out of Barrow and was given a Blue Ticket.   THAT IS FALSE

You posted: David Eves got a blue ticket and was kicked out of Point Hope also –  this also is a total lie

When Starlite9 and Stiffnecked asked you to back up your claims – their comments were erased; I pressed the issue – you complained to the many different moderators you CRY TO; the thread was closed; my comments erased.

A BLUE TICKET is reserved for convicted felons that present a DANGER to the community  !!

THAT INFORMATION: is published in the Arctic sounder and in other public newspapers !!

In other words, simply put;  FLOYD MANUFACTURED ANOTHER TOTAL LIE (twice).  This doesn’t surprise me one bit as floyd has accused the Barrow Whaling Captains of FELONIES also.

Here is Floyds statement:  Fall whaling is nothing special; 3 or 4 people go out and shoot a whale.

YOU; can’t see the ‘crime’ here.  Only an Eskimo WILL SEE IT IMMEDIATELY and become extremely upset !!

First of all, as many as ten different crews go out for fall whaling;  each crew has 8 members !  (no crime). It is against the law; a felony to ‘shoot’ a bowhead whale.  That act will land a whaling captain in Jail.

The traditions and customs of these people are very sacred and essential to their survival.  A whale is a GIFT.

A bowhead whale must FIRST BE harpooned (kappii) (cup pea).  Only then, may a shoulder gun be used. Many very important and influential Elders & Whaling Captains are visibly upset over this one person’s lopsided views about this culture.


GO AWAY FLOYD – no one is impressed with someone that  has  to make up stuff to get peoples attention.

The sad end of whaling.. ..

Spring whale hunting is over.. this year, for all practical purposes.

Barrow 3 small whales

Time to Look !

Time to Look !

Wainwright – No whales

Pt. Lay – One whale

Point Hope – Two whales    Omnicks & Oktolliks Crews

Those are very sad numbers of actual food for almost 7 thousand people.

Time to Pack .. ..

Time to Pack .. ..

Barrow could have had a much higher success rate, if it were not for people (crews) rushing to the lead with snowmachines and metal boats – just as the whales were coming to the Point, (our location). Seven crews hyjacked our trail, and took over the ice with much clamor and noise making – which scared all the animals away.

Once your crew is setup @ the lead, there are no machines permited this close. walk – keep quiet and no loud noises.

Time to Scat !

Time to Scat !

Waiting & Watching for FOOD!

Waiting & Watching for FOOD!

Breaking Trail Videos

Here is the first batch of videos created many miles out on the ocean ice.


On the way to work !!

On the way to work !!

Frozen Hair

Frozen Hair

It is very cold out here, work hard, and your going to sweat, the heat is in the tools your using, work hard and you will be quite warm, the heat coming off  my son Marks  head, will cause frost to form all over your head !! – Have a great day! Getting ready to go hunting for food – requires an immense amount of work that most people are totally clueless about. Especially when FLOYD DAVIDSON  attempts to write a photo essay on whaling from inside a pickup truck on land !!  F.D.  continually lies about the Inupiaq way of life and the people involved. He is a discrace in this village for making up bold face lies about people and events that are easily PROVEN FALSE !




This section will be updated and posted as new information becomes available.
Friday Mar 24-09.  For the last two days, we have not been breaking trail due to weather conditions out there.  Too windy & snowy!
Breaking trail is the heart of whaling,  Unless you have a path to transport equipment, that will work quickly (in case of emergency). You will not be able to approach the lead opening – some 10 – 20 miles way out on the frozen ocean ice pack that is locked to land, However the current way out there, can break that ice section, the wind has the same capabilities.
I am going to include more photographs of ‘breaking trail’ to give you a much better perspective of where we are and what we are up against.  Why do we do, what we do ?  What are the reasons ?
for instance, you can easily see in the photographs, smooth ice, and extreme pressure ridges that can rise to 50 feet in some areas,  Why would a captain choose to chop his way through a 20 foot high ridge of ice , when you can go around it to smoother ice?   That doesn’t make too much sense does it ? 
This is a ‘different world’ up here in the farthest regions of the Arctic.  The land of ice – is nice, but it is extremely dangerous.  You best know exactly what your doing out there,  15 miles is a long way to go, and once out there, anything can happen. YOU MUST BE PREPARED and expect it to happen!
Taking the easy way out there, is not safe, it has many drawbacks.  Snaking a trail over all the smooth parts results in a long ride, winding through the snake like trail.   In an emergency, You have to go warp speed to get the hell out of there.  The shortest distance is a straight line,  The safest ice is the thickest ice.  Mark your trail to go through the thickest part of the pressure ridges and your on the safest ice possible, that ice is solid, bunched together, solid.
Smoother ice however, can crack anyplace and seperate. If you are on the wrong side of that ice, that would spell disaster!