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Three New visitors!

Stumbled upon this Blog of ICE ! (chuckle).  It seems that video’s that I placed upon this site & YouTube are a huge success. News is  reaching all over the arctic.

Atkasaq & Point Hope are two of the ‘visitors’ we have had today !! Hooray! it is good to see ‘friends’ again!!

One of the few villages I have never had the chance to visit or live.

The small village of Atkasuq

Point Hope Alaska 99766

Adiga Inupiaq !

Top of the World

Barrow Alaska

On-line Ivory Arts & Crafts Store!

We are putting all of our bracelets & ear-rings on line in an e-commerce store that is now being built as part of this web-site.   You can check out our new format here

Inupiaq Dance Video – Point Hope Alaska

Luke Koonuk & Daisy Sage

Irma Hunnicut and her grand-daughters

Henry Attanganna