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Blood Moons






A  huge hello !!  Welcome.. .. to our web site.  “Our Blog of ICE”.. .. It seems someone sure likes ‘hanging’ around here, viewing blanket toss photographs.   Why not come on up here and enjoy the festivities in person this month ??

Or go here; to view ALL of our photographs.  OR.. .. here  for the whole story.  IN any event; thank you for your unwavering continuted intrest!!  Wanna Chat ?

Why not contace us.. .. you just might win an expense paid trip for free!!

Our #1 Visitor !

The mystery begins.. .. ..

Where do you live ?

Polar Bear in trap!!

Another search term:   = RIDICULOUS!!   no one in the arctic sets traps for polar bears.  Where do you people come up with this nonsense about Polar Bears??  The mainstream media will NOT TELL THE TRUTH. about this sensitive subject. Lie after lie has been thrown at the masses in attempts to get them upset over the Inupiaq lifestyle.

Inupiaq people do not hunt polar bears – they are much too dangerous and extremely unpredictable.

In 30 years time, I have seen less than 1 dozen bears taken down as a last resort.  The worldwide population is at an all time high!! It has been for decades !!

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