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The .. .. “rest of the story” !

Well; well. Ooh my !  The truth comes to those who wait.!

This is the same situation, same set up, out on the ice, in Barrow, The O ring snapped,

I posted a “story” .. actually many, many stories and the overall concenus on over 50 web photo forums was:

UNAMINOUS !  more photos, more stories !  Please, more, more, more.  It was only because of your overwhelming interest in my work, that drove me onward, working long hard hours to type of this out so many, different times and in so many different ways.

THEN an ISSUE arose once again. from the Mike Jordan fan club; two new members. That just can’t wait to show their inept ability at recognizing the truth. “magansmom  & Floyd Davidson”.

This occured at CITY – DATA  dot com.

The thread was closed and I was banned !

I posted the story, using this image: of what happend in Barrow in 1991. You have read what I posted about the tragic accident that happend out there on the ice.

I am extremly careful when I type, I hate making a mistake that leads the person away from the actual intent of the TRUTH. 

NO sooner had I posted the exact same story, told differently in all of the many forums. It always says the same thing,  but you can tell I did not copy and paste that story,

ENTER:: :  :  floyd davidson – resident (in retirement), here in barrow)  a white man,  (tanik) his web site says it all.

HE JUMPED RIGHT ON THAT post I made.   17 grueling hours later.

I am discusting he said.  He said he had called someone here in Barrow, and that I was wrong. floyd went on to give himself a little “subtle pat on the back”.

He expressed his outrage of what I had typed and the “story it had presented”  floyds version was as follows, only one person died, she got hit in the chest, Those 3 women were never told to move out of the way. again comments were made, and I quickly apologized, because I have no problem ever admitting when I am wrong, and I was not an eye witness to this.  I ONLY TYPED WHAT I HAD HEARD FROM TOO MANY PEOPLE :

Update:  It is OFFICIAL : !! Now here is the true story .   floyd did call .. ..  HIS FORMER NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR who was an EMT out there when this happend.. We spoke with EMT’S son.. directly in person.  Yes Floyd did call my father and my father said.. NO ONE WAS TOLD TO GET OUT OF THE WAY. oops.. I made a mistake. TWO WOMENS HEADS WERE SMASHED AND ALL OVER THE ICE. floyd told the truth. he called the EMT. but deliberatly changed the words to suit his false puffed up agenda.  He reputation in the uupper right corner of this forum is more important than the truth. 3 popular threads were closed I was banned !! Now read the puffed up remarks of this sad sick individual. 

Now tonight, I asked a Native from Barrow named Eli.   everyone in Barrow knows exactly who I am speaking about when use the description of a “brick wall”   There is only one Eli  in Barrow that FITS that description. 

Eli – ?  Where you in Barrow when that happened ?  I asked him tonight. he said YES!

Eli is always over our house, as he is  a master ivory carver here in Barrow, of many decades of experience. He likes my sons and I am glad. this is good.

Here are Eli’s words about what happened that fateful tragic day out on the ice in1991.

I was not there, he said, I had just left, we had to go back to town to get supplies, During one part of the long journey back to the village, they noticed a helicopter heading down to the same location they had just left from.  SOMETHING IS WRONG.   they turned around and went back.

Here are the EXACT WORDS that > that eye witness used when he entered the area.

TWO PEOPLE DIED no… No one told them to get out of the way, IT ALL HAPPENED TOO FAST. with no warning.   the whale was  50 tons, 50 foot huge massive animal of the sea. We do it all different now, since that day, we always use TWO, BLOCK & TACKLE now.

When that block & tackle took off, like a speeding bullet,  two womens’  .. .. .. .. smashed skulls, w/brain matter were scattered all over a rather large area. Eli was one of the hunters, who were given “bags” and he and many others walked around the area, picking up the portions of brain matter, portions of skull with hair still attached and other recognizable portions of what once were living breathing people with something to do.. .. “just let me watch?    I wanna see.   -=[SNAP]=-

yes one woman lived, AND as I said.. she is not . but is.

…..’thanks for clearing that up.. Eli..  “panak ” ! Qannakpakasunna my friend.! Taikuu sunna.

 In memory of:   D. Perez &    ?   Fischer – & Georgianna ? was the one who lived!


So many people have requested, .. .. .. more stories.

More stories, more photographs,  that is the number one reply to my post of “High in the Arctic.. .. .. Eskimo !!”

Sit back, relax - It's Story time once again.

So many of you, on so many of the 50 photo forums I have posted on, replied with this statement.   “This has to be the best thead I have ever read on any forum anyplace, or on any web site period.

Well I have some good news, here in Barrow, it is time, to get ready to go whaling, next month, (March)? We are going to do our very best to bring you more photos, more videos, and of course, more stories.  All of these stories I have posted, are easily verified, to some I know, they appear to be totally preposterous, but I assure you, these things did happen, just as I typed them.

I guess the best place to start, is at the very begining. What brought me from Boston to an Eskimo Village in Alaska?

Divine Intervention?  “Hind sight they say is 20/20.  (chuckle). For me to illustrate and explain or to prove this “theory”, I have to go back, back to before I was even born. My mother was about to give birth to me, and as such she wanted to mount my photos in an album. During the late 40’s. Photography was in big demand but “scrap books” were the rage, and my mother purchased one to place her photographs of me as a baby, infant, and my school years. It never got that far.

My mother & father got divorced when I was very young and upon entering the third grade I was now living with my father. I had no knowledge of this “scrap book”, I was not with my mother any longer.

It wasn’t until late in my adult years that my mother told me a story and the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  She told me of that scrap book, it was erie, ironic &  wierd. She described this to me, many years after I had settled in Alaska.

This scrap book was purchased before Alaska was even a state, and that is what it said on the cover of this book.

The image on the front of that scrap book was an Eskimo driving a dog-sled out to the ocean ice going into the sun!

That is a very strange

“please, please write a book when you get the time  (if you haven’t already). I was spellbound, and can honestly say that this is the best post I have ever read in my life.  I seldom read anything with substance in a pubilc forum.  You have got a story here that needs to be told. ”   Link1     Link2      Link3  These links at the bottom of each of these pages, says it all with more eloquence, than I am able to put into words.

 Story time: 

 Once upon a time, almost 30 years ago, in a frozen land, far far away from Boston!  I was destined to make an appearance, among the Inupiaq peoples of the far north in the upper regions of the Arctic.

 What brought me here?  How does a person, well established in Boston, five thousand miles away from Pt. Hope, ending up forsaking all to live among Inupiaq Eskimo natives ?

completly abandon necessary comforts of living, i.e. no toilets, no running water. Frozen, unforgivng harsh hurricane type wind storms. How could this possibly become “iniviting”?  I scratch my head many times when I think back on certain things that happened up here. 

My birthday was quite the surprize in 1982 in the village that morning. I sure froze my foot really bad, It was cold out, very cold and it was time to empty the “honey bucket’.  A simple chore, one of which I had done many times. but this time with a much different result. For those who do not know what a  “honey bucket is” : > ask someone !  I had to empty this ‘unit’ and as such it was a simple task. merly grab the top of the bag. lift it up and twist it. and tie it in a knot. now grab the handle to the removeable bucket and take it outside. The correct way is to just dump the whole thing into the 55 gallon drum that sits outside of every house. Hold the bucket and tip it and let the bag that is all tied up. fall into the drum.   Stupid me ! I put the bucket down and grabbed the plastic bag and lifted that out of the removeable can and lifted it up to bring it over to dump into the drum, then it broke.. .. and ALL of the contents went right down my open empty boot, all over my leg and inside my boot was filled to the top with the “contents” of that honey bucket. I can’t go inside the house like this. I am a mess. Oh and what an horrible awful stink.  A huge spaghetti pot was thrown out at me. “FILL IT WITH SNOW”  were the words that followed, with much laughter. I am not laughing, I am cold, my foot is freezing with all of this now frozen “stuff” all over my leg and in my boot and all over my foot.

When I first arrived, there were 3 other people that were not native, living here among these people. The population of the village was 420  literally!  These three people I was soon to find out, were the “biggest jerks’ I have encountered in my life. Issac Woods (still there). Sterling Rivers, long gone ( principal of the school). and another person whom I just can’t remember his name, Bill from “southie” he was working there as a “plumber”, He almost got me killed, literaly !  two rifles were ponted at me.

But there was one particular thing that still bothers me to this day. All three of those people.. .. were from .. .. Boston !!

What is this place ?  A dumping ground for the Lords obnoxious rejects in real world society ? ?

When this finally became aware to me, I sunk down deep in despair, and gasped, Oh Lord, I must be just as much of a jerk as they are. Oh no !! What are YOU trying to show / tell me ? I search and search for answers to this question for decades and I still wonder. I know I should not even be alive, I have survived 5 heart attacks and 3 strokes and still going as strong as ever.  The answer is obvous, I have something important to do that, hasn’t been accomplished yet.

I found out very early in life that I was this type of person !  It was quite humorous to others,  By the time I had reached the 3rd grade I had been in as many different schools. In fact . by the time I had reached my high school I had been enrolled in 9 different schools, we moved too much and as such I was often being admitted to different schools.

It didn’t matter which school I entered or in which of those many years, When I walked into a class room for the first time, everyone fell out of their chairs laughing hysterically. fall down hard belly laughing. with the teachers included !! why ?

This was before “geeks”  this was well let me put into this perspective because no matter which school it was, the results and the name used was the same.. I was the poster child for Alfred E  Newman !!  cover boy for MAD magazine !

Now present day I am 60; pregnant and I look more ridiculous !! NO ! I don’ t mean I look fat; nope I look like I am about to have twins at any moment !!

Now it is time for the truth, which has never been told yet on the 46 photo forums.

Story time:  I was sent to this village for just three weeks, that part is true. 

When the job finished, I quit the company and stayed. Yes that is sorta true.

I finished the job. went to Anchorage,  went right back to the village, went back to work a month later.

then I quit the company and stayed. why did I go to Anchorage, the job was finished. I had 8 grand in the bank, I thought. what I left out was that my very best friend. Edward A. Ferzoco from Boston was staying in my apartment in Anchorage, there was no need to mention all of this as it is lengthy and reveals presonal infomation about me and what happend that is not something one would usually admit to.

When I was working for Bussell Electric and work was steady, I called my friend Eddie..(fur zoe coe) He flew to Anchorage because work was available. Since 1977 Ferzoco and I were like joined, we worked together and stayed together, we were very very close friends. We opened as I said DEE photo center.. well this Ed was one of the Ed’s the other ed was ed balint.. (joke of the year).  from N.Y.  We all worked together out on the nuke plants in the tri cities. Ed ferzoco and I worked side by side on the pipleine on two different occasions.

 Ed was in Anchorage, he signed the books at the union hall and was waiting for a job. Bussell Electric had told me they wanted me to fly up to this village for three weeks. I said to my friend..  There are no banks there, and you know full well in this trade 3 weeks can turn into 3 months.. little did I forsee 30 years !!!

I said.. I am going to have YOU pick up my paychecks. there is no need for me to get them up there, this is such a tiny village of 420 people.  I opened joint bank account.. Ferzoco picked up my paychecks from Bussell Elecltric. every week. $2,500 !  We were working 7 / 12’s @ 25 per hour  40 hour work week = 1,000 bux now add the overtime up at 1 1/2 and @ double time for sundays and the last two work hours of each day.

three weeks I had a little over 8 grand. and Ferzoco stole it all. and left me with one last paycheck. I didn’t want to go back to Boston, I did not want to stay in Anchorage, I wanted to live in that village, life was so peaceful and quiet and no noise and laughter was everywhere, people were happy and no complaining. 

Ferzoco took that money, and sent it to his brother.  This Italian family, has 17 brothers & sisters !!  Many of his brothers, I have worked with as electricians,  Ferzoco borrowed ten grand from one of his brothers, as a loan for DEE photo center. All in all , Ferzoco invested over 25 K in that buisness.  Balint invested just as much. They both blamed me when the tri-cites went under durng the bankkruptcy of WPPSS (Washington Public Power Supply System). All construction trades went on strike the day we opened our buisness. Oh it had nothing to do with us. Just bad timing.  

From the village, in a 1 1/2 years time, I paid Ferzoco all the money back that he lost @ DEE photo center. Now no one can say anything bad about me. I didn’t have to pay him back. I was just tired of hearing all of the sniveling like a  little baby over lost money.

A three day non stop event