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When will Floyd Learn ?
Well over 2,400,000 hits for last month !!   But the funniest thing; I have ever WITNESSED : 

One person – is trying to convince the whole world – I am wrong !!

Yes; One person – who lives in Barrow for just 12 years who  has never been whaling; who has never set foot out on the ocean ice pack, Actually writes photo essays on whaling with no photographs and no experience.


Yep; you guessed it – Floyd Davidson

That is a very impressive list of Visitors

One Hundred Forty Six countries this month!!

We reach throughout the entire GLOBE!! 

Floyd Insists I am wrong; about everything I have typed for over 3 1/2 years time. 

352 visits in 12 days ??


The ‘colorful’ series begins.

It began right here; 3 1/2 years ago;

This pig will stoop to the lowest level

Inupiaq Whale Hunt


Here is the ULTIMATE proof; That Everything I have typed is the truth;  We know these people; We have been living and working with these  exact same people – for years.  My photographs – are strikingly similiar in each and every aspect of what these Barrow Whalers encounter.  My stories match their dialogue;

Floyd Davidson has never been whaling — not once; in all the 12 years of his residence here in Barrow.Three years ago Floyd stumbled on to my work; He was furious! enraged BEYOND CONTROL – His words will be posted here; to display the true character of a PIG.