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Where is Tina Fey ???

Where is the media ?

silent !!


May 24th 2008 !   Today Michelle Obama & Her Husband signed the guest book @ Westminster Abbey!!

May 24th 2008

If Sarah Palin ever did something like this;  People would demand she put into a rehab center for ingesting too many drugs.

Living in the Arctic

The summer was  too long and much too hot and way too dusty for me. I am yearning to see the sight of snow in Sept.. now for the next 8 or 9 months, the village will be much quieter and the snow is a welcome sight, not to mention the crisp cool air, instead of the hot blazing sun.

I live here, because I desire, winter all year around, but that is not possible any more due to what they call, global warming. I hope this is just some cycle that happens every 50 years or so, time will tell. 

Barrow Baby in August !

Moving everything up here to Barrow took considerable time, and finding a house in a place where severe housing shortages exist, was quite a gamble.  Now I am months behind on this “blog”.  I have much to do besides building the boys a new shop to carve in to create arts & crafts. (three different shops have been constructed since our arrival). We are finally settled down after six months time. Oh and what a time it was, I never thought we would survive the ordeal.   $20,000 for rent ! That is what we went through in six months. Our first shop in Barrow, $5,000 a month !People just love to rip us off or take advantage, and they had us over a barrel so to speak.  This is shop #3.  First one was in Kotzebue, Second one in Point Hope, Our first shop in Barrow.  I’ve lost 5 high end color printers due to the escessive ivory dust that seems to find its way through many doors, even though, we use dust collectors that are vented to the outside. The room is sealed with plastic wrap. One continuous sheet.  I swear it must get through the tiny-est of the staple holes because the upstairs neighbors were constantly complaining about the smell. Ivory dust “stinks”. much like “smoke”.  Believe it or not, to “rent” this room, (below)  costs us $1000 a month. That does sound like a lot of money just to rent one room, but; that is only one bracelet a week. We make in excess of 30 per week. The apartment right next door is a one bedroom for 800 per month! We stayed four months. We finally got our own house to rent. 1000 a month and it has 12 rooms, a lovely 2 story house and time to construct and build another shop for the boys. IN fact, there is room for two of em.

This is shop # 2 in Barrow, $1000 a month just for the use of this room.

We heard some “rumors” today, fossil ivory and fossil mastodon for sale. We are trying to track down these leads, and see if we can increase our supply of raw materials, we are always “short”.

This summer we have plans to just ride the beaches everyday starting very early in the morning or after and during any storms that are headed this way. Waves wash the ivory and many other items upon all of the beaches of the arctic. You just never know, what you might find, if you spend the time and look, walk, kick, for miles. Tis a nice way to spend the day, no stress, no loud noises, peace and quiet, This is the greatest life. so content, to stay here forever, BUT: I fear if it gets much hotter up this way, we be headed to the top of Greenland! 

That is the one of the main reasons we left Kotzebue, it was just too darn hot in the summer time. We went through 2 summers there, we could not take that heat, in fact we flew up to Point Hope for the July 4th festivities. Ahhh so much cooler up here, and that wind is just so refreshing, We moved out of Kotz,  back to Point Hope  Jan. 2006.

Our 1st shop was located in Kotzebue and it was very tiny, learning how to make Ivory bracelets and ear-rings, using walrus ivory, fossil ivory, mammoth and mastadon ivories.  During the 1 1/2 years we worked here, selling photographs and Ivory crafts, we became a huge hit. The state police, undercover police & kotzebue police were constantly watching my sons. They were convinced that they were “dealing” (pot). We spent a lot of money in Kotzebue, and as such my sons were always in that store. Spending money, Our bill for soda pop, i.e. Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper was almost $1,000 a month. 3 Boys, sitting on a couch in a qanichaq barely 6 foot wide. With 4 shelves to organize the many different tools and steps needed to complete a stunning bracelet made out of pure ivory.


This was our very first shop in Kotzebue

The price of pop in the villages is the same. $1.00 per can = $24 bux per case ! There are no discounts for volume sales.

Gas has long been over $5.00 per gallon, it is very expensive to go out and hunt. We have no choice.

We graduated from the Kotzebue shop to 762 Tasiq Street in Point Hope. Ron & Nina Oviok’s old house. It suited us just fine.  This is the ‘living room’ we turned it into one large shop area, quite a difference from sitting on a couch. Tools were ordered, Each boy has the exact same set up, for tools and materials in his This is shop #2 - in Point Hopelocation.  This is the shop where we trained Rosanne (sob).  A young pretty cute thing. She was a great friend to have over here, She wanted to learn how.. .. it was more of ..”she had a crush” on my youngest son Khris who was 18 at the time. same age, She would visit every night for many months, She became quite good at this in a very short amount of time. she was making her own insets with perfect results on her 3rd, 4th & 5th bracelets.  she made a good amount of money for herself, then we started noticing the frequency that she would not show up,for work. Once she started getting money, she came by less and less. She was building her own little shop at her house. That qanichaq was larger than this whole room pictured here.  We know that house well, everyone in town does.  Rosella Stone’s house.   or   Raymond n em’s house is all you have to say and everyone knows exactly whom your speaking about.  Calvin n em’s .  some of the ways and methods used to communicate are different, and often un-noticed. 


 then we moved to Barrow, on a whim, broke, taking a chance, that something good / great, would happen. Oh and it did, much better than we ever hoped for or ever expected in many different ways.

 This is shop #4 in Barrow

then we finally got very lucky and rented a huge two story house for just 1,000 a month. We have 12 rooms and 5 bedrooms. Plenty of room, This is shop # 3 here in barrow and shop # 5 we have built.  There is another qanichaq in the front, that is much wider than this new room pictured below,  We are building a second shop there.  In fact my aim is to build a huge 30 x 40 foot shop out front on skids that can be dragged away to our new lot of land that we are purchasing up here in Barrow.

This  shop #5, In fact this house is so large we are going to use both of the Qanichaqs to give us more room to spread out. (*Arctic Entry Way)

I have one more shop to build for the boys, in this house, at the front of the house. We were very lucky to get this house here in Barrow, Houses are very hard to come by. Apartments are easy to get, but our lifestyle will not allow that type of living.  We need to carve ivory and baleen, mastodon and fossil ivory. Here are a couple of slices of Mastodon Ivory we were given tonight .. Mastodon Ivory is extremely old, & brittle, but it has come surprising characteristics, soak it in baby oil or mineral oil and you can ‘bend’ it ! The intricate criss cross patterns embedded into each mastodon tusk is what makes this type ivory so unique. 25,000 years old is what  we are looking at and working with.  This stuff is found all over the place from Kotzebue clear up to Barrow, all over the place and it brings in some good money if you find  some. It is very easy to The very first bracelet that my youngest son Khristoper mademake $1,000 a day here in the Arctic, just by staying home and making ear-rings and or bracelets. the market is wide open and it is huge, our crafts are sold before they are even finished ! My sons have quite the reputation, in Kotzebue, Point Hope and now in Barrow. we have sold just over 2,000 bracelets since we started doing this almost 4 1/2 years ago. This is easy to keep track of, because we pack each bracelet in a small white gift box which we purchase from paper mart dot com.  We purchase cases of these @ 100 boxes per case. I just ordered two more cases of 100 each, we are out.  My sons will never ever have to work for someone else ever. This is very good. You can’t make any decent type money working for someone else. Too many people struggle from pay check to paycheck. We get paid several times each and every day, through sales of bracelets  ear-rings and of course .. photographs. Everyone that comes up to the arctic is sporting some type of camera, These tourists crack me up,  they come in the summer time and they expect to see images such as I have of whaling and ice. Wrong time of the year. I recently received an e-mail from some people in the Netherlands that want to go whaling in Point Hope.  they were very disappointed because none of the whaling captains had written them back.  Telling whaling captains you want to come over and “take” photographs of them working, when that Captain has to feed you for two months is very expensive. Visitors always use the same words.. they want to ‘take’, photographs.. those are the wrong words to use to these natives.  Whatcha gonna give, will open more doors then telling them you want to take !!  Giving is a way of life up here.. NO !!   I do not mean ‘that way” . I have never ever heard of a hunter giving his wife.. that is pure myth.

Cross sections of mastadon and walrus ivory.The small section of ivory at the bottom with the hearts carefully drawn on it.. these hearts will be cut out, sanded and used as insets for a heart bracelet. This is our # 1 selling bracelet. hearts !! inset once, twice or even three times.  Allan Lane cannot make bracelets any more, His insets have too large of a gap, and he is so furious that my sons have taken over Point Hope as the best carvers. Allan’s Mom and his sisters buy bracelets from my sons.!!

I am  the person who ‘taught’ my sons how to carve. how to make bracelets, etc.  I know absolutely nothing about carving per say, but I do know the basics of how a bracelet is constructed by watching Allan when he worked in our business on 4th Ave, in Anchorage from 2002 – 2003.   The steps are simple, and as you do  the same steps over & over again, you become very proficient at it, and learn some new ‘tricks’. You do not need ivory to make a bracelet, any material will suffice, be it  ‘bone’, wood, jade, vegetable ivory, rock, as long as you have proper type tools, i.e. a ‘dremel’, you can easily begin to create. That one tool, with the attachments enclosed, will begin you on a journey to financial freedom. But you must treat this just like a regular job, and put in the necessary hours daily, you will only get out of it what you put into it. Invest your time and money into your new venture and begin to acquire an inventory of all sorts of products, as you progress you will get different ideas, This is not hard to do and anyone can do this. Do you want real Ivory to work with ?  Then give Alaska Fur Exchange a call or look them up on theOur number one, best selling, most popular requests, are for designs with inset hearts. internet.  I will post close up photographs of some of the techniques we incorporate as we do the same ol steps each and every day, for 4 1/2 years now..  an average bracelet has 10 or 12 pieces, multiply that times 2000 bracelets and you have an accurate idea of how many times these boys have done these same exact steps. That does not take into consideration of the # of ear-rings we make.  Move to Kotzebue or Barrow and you can easily make a small fortune very quickly.  I have already told you of our plans,  which is to give it all away, for the children of these villages, We are not a ‘greedy’ type family, we do believe with all of our hearts, it is much better to give than to receive.

Shell Oil recently gave a huge grant for the children of the north slope borough region > $250,000 ! .. .. to be divided up among 8 villages, (chuckle), do the math, a whopping 30K per village,  Watch !  what some high school dropouts will do; that will put that figure to absolute shame !  No one understands the ‘crisis’ situation that is at hand for these children.  I have seen much death of young children in recent years and in years past.  This is such a terrible tragedy,  I can tell you true stories of countless amounts of children dying way to young, because they made the wrong choice.  Death is all too frequent in these small villages, Much These children need activites there is nothing for them to do, they need a place to gohigher than you would ever think possible.  Suicides are all too frequent and always a huge shock to the community.  I keep my sons active and busy, They are extremely well known in Kotzebue, Point Hope and now in Barrow.  When we first arrived here in Barrow, We quickly were back making bracelets in less than two weeks time.  We were out selling these bracelets and ear-rings the very first day we arrived,  Certain people were watching us and we did not even have any indication that we were being followed each and every day.  When two / three teenagers, generate 5 figures in less than a months time, people notice .. .. .. these kids have too much money !  State Police, Undercover police, Barrow Police, were watching us.  We had no idea. The district Attorneys Office in Barrow is well aware of how much money these boys make.  Every woman in that office, (15) has purchased one or more bracelets from these boys. Khristopher has been accused constantly by some of the people up here.. You did not make that bracelet, your too young.  You stole it !! Khristopher just smiles and says, come visit our shop, & watch..  .. We have ‘new’ bracelets each and every day. This is their ‘job’ and I make sure they treat it as an ordinary job.  they quit work @ 12 noon for a one hour lunch, then back to work.

After two months time, we were approached by a familiar face with a big simile.  His name is Leon, He has been to Point Hope many times, and in a small village, everyone knows everyone’s business. You can’t hide things in a village this small.. Everyone knows.. ..  and rumors abound, gossip abounds, Leon is a police officer,  He sure likes my son Isaiah,

The North Slope Borough Illisigviq college wants Isaiah to teach carving at the college full time.  They want Mark to teach carving in the middle school,  Each of my sons said no, but thanks. but no. We would loose too much money, we are on a quest, a mission, a vision and an impossible dream.  Leon walked up, with a big grin on his face, shaking his head, We have been watching you two.. (Me and Mark). he stuck out his hand to me,, congrats.. you and your family are squeaky clean, We just wanted to tell you, we have been following you for two months, each and every day to every place you have gone.  He started to laugh and said.. .. dayam,  your son makes more in a day than I make in two weeks..  Mark & I just grinned and said.. We are gonna just give it all away…  we don’t need it, we don’t want it,  these children of all these villages need something.!!

My plan is very simple, repeat the same with the children of the village(s) as I have done with my sons.

Teaching, Photography, computers, Arts & Crafts.  These children will be excited, busy and not so bored.

they need a ‘place’ available to them 24 / 7    a place of refuge, solstice, counselling, spiritual awareness.

The peer pressure is immense:  ALCOHOL !

Let me tell you what has happened in the last four years with the children of the village of Point Hope. this is just so sad.

Two people announced they would pledge themselves to the benefit of the children and re-opened a youth center in the village of point hope.  Money was donated from sources in the village, from many sources and a very substantial amount of money was put up front .. .. ‘for the children’.  These two people in charge of this new project.. .. .. Filed for and received tax free exmptions and started asking for ‘grants’ for more money for the ‘children’…  that is / was the plea,,, ‘for the children’  More money was received.. ..

One night,, over the cb radio in town, (the whole village is constantly aware of anything said over that radio).The woman who is part of this project was talking about the youth center and said..  (crying)  Won’t anyone in this village help us ? !!  Isn’t there someone who will help ??

I went over the very next day, to the man who is running this whole project, a 40 year resident of this village. I know him well, His name is  U.L. Johnson  (Mississippi)     We speak for hours and hours together, he agrees with most of what I am proposing, especially the ‘money’ part.  He wants to get his hands on the money I am willing to donate..  that is all he can think and talk about.  His girl-friend, all she wants .. all she constantly harps to him about.. is her diamond ring. Only because she saw one woman in that village with the ‘best’ diamond ring in town,  Elizabeth Oviok got engaged, and the daimond ring she has, has Seventeen diamonds laid out in a very beautiful array.  Everyone in that town has seen her remarkable ring,  It was the talk of the town for quite a while, especially the “explanation” that goes with it.

The big diamond in the middle is You Elizabeth,  that tiny one on the end represents (ME).  THESE other 15 diamonds represent each of the 15 years I had to wait.. .. for YOU !! *

to make a long story very short.. IN three years time, Not one thing was done for the children.  The children were ‘pimped’ for their money!  The two people that ran the youth center..  well the center was closed, they got married, she got a huge new diamond ring, and they went to Hawaii for a long honey moon.. all on the children’s money !!  When these two people got their hands on ‘grant’ money for the children, they opened a store in the youth center.  Children were charged to enter, to get warm, to make a phone call, anyway they could make a buck was exploited.

SUNDAY Evenings at the youth center, these two admin people of the youth center, would hold “church” for the children in the village.  Out of 400 children, perhaps 10 would show up.  Then  ‘free nachos’ (plain) were given to the children to get more of them to attend.  now 40 – 50 children were in there, Roseanne was one of those children.  I asked permission to speak at one of their church meetings. I was granted permission.

I got up and poured my heart out to these children, teaching them precious gems from the book of proverbs. I spoke of the Lord & His love and his command to love one another no matter what.  In this village, some parents teach their children .. .. ‘how to hate’.   Jesus said.. Love your enemies.!   70 x 7 forgiveness each and every day.

Deva Stone: is / was Roseanne’s mother, Roseanne was adopted to Rozzella (Deva’s Momma). Deva always Deva Stone - Mother of Roseanneused to go into the sunday night meeting to check on some of her children that were present, The night I was speaking, I did not know that Deva had entered,  This is what she had to say to Elizabeth Oviok the next day.  I went into the youth center to check on my chidlren as I always do, usually the kids are talking, making noise and not paying attention, when ever UL or Anna are up there talking.  David was talking, I sat down to listen, the hairs on my neck, all got tingling. I could understand everything he was saying, I got so excited.  I have never seen the children silent with mouths hanging open as they sat there listening to him for over an hour.  These children were just so quiet. It was all so interesting to listen to.  The next morning in the school, Suzie Frankson, came up to Ellizabeth and asked, what happend to those children last night? something is different. I have never seen these children so quiet in school, No one came to the office this morning to complain. Every one was so good, what happened.  Elizabeth told Suzie what Deva had to say.  I spoke with some of the chldren the next day.  They were smiing and said that was so interesting to listen to about the book of Proverbs, We have never heard any of that before. I was exicted and could not wait to return next sunday to speak with them again.  The night arrived, I was so excited, I have been teaching many different subjects for many years. I have never in all of my life, seen children look at me like that, so intent, mouths wide open, no one even blinking. I went into the youth center, that next sunday evening. Anna was there. she said. Hello David, can you please answer a question for me?  I said sure with a big smile. she asked. do you know Jesus Christ ?  I said. well I see that you didn’t listen to one word I said about the Lord all night. she replied. You cannot come in here any more. You are not a Christian Like we are. Please get out!  I smiled really big and said Thanks Anna, thank you for showing me I am not worthy to enter this place.  After all that we did for your  brother Allan, even after he stole everything we owned, his lying and saying he only had two months to live and we loved him.. Your right Anna =   I do not want to be THAT kind of Christian. why don’t you judge your brothers in the same manner as you judge me ?  she was speechless. Russell JJ lane just got taken out of the village. finally, hooray!!  God hears and answers prayers. Russell J. J. Lane has been Point hopes worst night mare for many decades, a serial rapist. He has hurt and rapped lots and lots of women in this village.  It is common knowlege to everyone in the whole village. Russel just got 40 years !!  Now a lot of women can sleep much better at night knowing that, that animal  is out of this village.

This is a watch band that is reversable, the hinges on the watch reverse and so do the pieces of ivory !  I am tired and discusted @ seeing children die, at such an early age.  These children are being destroyed, through   ‘greed’, alcohol & drugs.  Something has to be done, something must be done!  Children are our most precious valuable important resource for the future of our country.  We just started to build shop # 6.  Our fourth shop here in Barrow. No. we are not moving, this house is so big, we have room for another shop, in the qanichaq in the front of the house. That Arctic entry way is bigger than the qanichaq in the back of the house. So now we have a bit more room to expand and more room for more tools.  We need a lathe, a new one is being ordered for the new shop. Isaiah is still in Point Hope with his wife and 3 children, He might be coming up to Barrow for a few days. He has heard of all of our good reports and he and his wife are thinking of moving up here.  It doesn’t matter where you live, in this world today. Every place has problems of some sort.  I love the people of Point Hope, even Allan Lane and Russlle J. J. lane,  they are the ones with problems, not me.  I have so much to TEACH YOU !

please do not get pissed at me for ‘telling the truth’.

Ten children die, in such a very short amount of time… … .. becasue they did not listen to the very last words spoken to them – and obey, now they are dead.

50 children die, and nothing changes in the village(s), same ol, same ol,..  ..  .. each and every day.. How can we destroy ourselves, in the same manner in which we watch our parents on a daily basis !!

How many children are in Jail ??  way too facking many !! Because some parents do absolutly nothing for discipline.  The book of Proverbs states to sharply.   A child.. .. left to himself.. .. will come to utter ruin. I have seen tooo many children in that village and others end up in jail. becuase of no discipline. I have seen too many lives end up in ‘utter ruin’ !! I am sick of it !!

When four babies were dumped in my lap in 1990.  I had no idea what to do.
I did know that I had a most difficult job to try and raise four babies by myself.

3 times in Point Hope Social Services showed up at my house. they flew up, three women, because of the many phone calls they received from my next door neighbor, Gordon Omnik & his wife.Marlena Those were the only people that possibly could have made these phone calls just by the language that these women used. that I was abusing these boys.
When they arrived the first time, of course I hear a knock on the door, I said come in .. three well dressed women came in, as soon as they entered my house, they apologized and said, were sorry, we are in the wrong house. I said that’s ok. which home do you need to find.. they said. We are looking for David Eves, but this can’t be the house. I smiled real big and said. I am David Eves, your in the right house. No way they said. Not by the phone calls we have received. .. .. who cleans your house she said ?? This is the cleanest neatest house we have ever seen. I replied with a smile I do all the cleaning, cooking, washing, etc. I was raised by a very strict Jewish step mother. who taught me properly.
There mouths were wide open.. shocked. After a few minutes they said. We wanted to see the boys. to talk to them but they must be outside playing because the house is so quiet. I said no all four of them are home here now. I raised my voice slightly and said . .. BOYS! four boys appeared, neatly dressed. These women were shocked ! they apologized again and just left !!

If I can hear them.. .. then they are making too much noise. I will not put up with that. when these boys were very young.. I spent all day every day teaching them. I did not go out, I did not ever hire a baby sitter for over a decade. The most important thing I had to do was put biblical characteristics into these children. I had a tough decision to make. should I go back to work? we were basically broke. I decided to stay out of work, turn down 1,500 per week to stay at home and teach.
But with the repeated phone calls to social services, it was obvious that I could not raise these children in the village. July 5th 1990 I left the village. I had to raise my sons in Anchorage.

We came back when they were all grown.