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My true story is published on more than 65 forums,  On every forum – my story is #1  with more views than any other thread !  An incredible amount of work; to post on so many places, that people from all over the entire globe, visit this web site every month!!  I can’t thank you enough for spending your valuable time reading of my passionate love for these most unique people in the world – “Inupiaq Eskimo”  Adiga !!  The first four days of Feb of 2011, I counted 100 countries visiting us in just four short days !  I am totally amazed at the intrest this site has generated, I only hope I can continue to develop good interactive ideas to keep you  returning again and again for new updates on our quest – vision & dream for the villages of the Arctic  which is to begin shortly.

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The more I post on different forums; The replies say it all; more photos; more stories;  more – more –  more.

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I am going to merly list the most popular forums I post on – to show the views as #1 on each and every site !!

Day 8 out on the trail.. ..

We spotted polar bear tracks,, heading from Barrow, out to the ice where we are going to work on the trail.

Polar Bear Tracks

Polar Bear Tracks

 After noticing that the tracks were coming from barrow, we look to see what / where is the destination and we follow, but nothing was sighted in our area this day.

As we were standing there, Euguene Brower & Charles Brower began to speak of a time, years ago here out on the ice when they went to check the trail, just as we were doing now.  Euguene & Charles saw a polar bear standing near the open lead, looking into the water, the bear bent over and grabbed a big huge piece of ice and lifted it, thought about it and placed it down and grabbed a much larger piece of ice and walked back over and stood at the water, The bear dropped the ice into the water and then dove in and climbed out with a beluga whale, much to the amazement of the two Inupiaq Hunters that witnessed this event. 

They had each been in shock over the bears ‘thought’ process which spoke much of the intelligence of this particular bear which was bigger then most !!

Out to the ice .. .. we follow !

Out to the ice .. .. we follow !