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A warning update:

I have said, many times, Jesus is going to return soon. Very soon, much sooner than we actually think, – “as a thief in the night” !

Now a world famous  well respected pastor – David Wilkerson ( The Cross & The Swichblade).

Is sounding the alarm with great urgency – !!   YOU have two choices.

1. laugh and scoff @ the mere idea

2. Get ready to witness the judgement of the Lord on America !!

David Wilkerson   has something to say to AMERICA

Read these two articles and rest assured,

Trust the Lord – WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART – lean not to thy own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your steps !!

40 years ago,  David Wilkerson wrote a book..     (THE VISION)  .. all his friends left him, abandoned him because of what he wrote in that book.  Everyone said, ‘that cannot ever happen in The United States of America.

Everything that was written in that controversial  book has come true, all except one thing, (just one) and this is what his warning is all about now.  IT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN –  here in our present day –  The great tribulation that NO one believes in, will give birth shortly.. … !    Wait – Watch – Look- Listen – PRAY & OBEY !!


psalm 46: 10    BE STILL –  ‘and know, That I AM THE LORD !

NEW YORK is about to know, the whole world is about to witness  firsthand –  The MIGHTY HAND of God !!

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