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Phil Robertson

The Holy Bible is not a new idea or something recently put into print; The Word of God and what He commands we obey, has been around for many thousands of years;   Now suddenly political correctness over rides – supersedes  our creators demands!!

Sadly for those unwilling to OBEY GOD  this will only lead to “death”!

In every single Muslim country in the world – homosexuality is punishable  by death!



Two percent of the population LGBT want us to “tolerate” their views – God’s views are not important.  As for me & my house – We shall Serve the Lord! This is nothing more than a contrived “setup” by Chicago type thugs & punks.  A&E interviewed Phil twice, Once in 2010 & then again in 2013. He expressed his views on sin(S). He quoted what the bible had to say.  A&E did not have a problem and allowed  the show to continue.  This cable tv reality show is #1. Which is a slap in the face to the Obama admistration and all that they are trying despretly to shove down the American peoples throat(s).  According to the Department of Homeland Security; The most dangerous people in the United States are:   “Evangelical Christians”!   Thus GQ magazine asked Phil for an interview and asked him his opinion on sin(s). Phil expressed his view and that of God’s words on a long list of sinful practices;  Lo & behold the media took it upon themselves (under orders) to twist & spin the interview to drum up outrage! There is only one person in the United States that has that much clout  to control the news!!  Stand with Phil – This is what is left of the United States of America.


In Romans 1 the Apostle Paul denounces homosexuality as a hallmark of a degenerate culture.  History shows that cultures that take this approach are soon destroyed! Rome – Greece & the most famous of them all Sodom & Gomorrah!


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Our Dishonorable President needs a “discharge”!

Dishonorable discharge needed 4 Obama

The horror of watching & listening to a traitor to the American People! ARREST OBAMA FOR TREASON right now! The Liar-In-Chief has disrespected the “office”- The most transparent administration in history is a complete fabrication and fraud and the main stream media is bought & paid for by the people in charge of Leading this country down the WRONG PATH! Tell the Truth! .. Obama has FAILED miserably again & again and has to resort to the childish habit of DECEPTION

Why is so hard or difficult to admit the truth?  They don’t want to end up in Jail for their TREASON

Coward – In – Chief


Arrest this clown for TREASON

Grand Finale Pink Floyd’s Funnies !!


Todays news

For three and a half long years; ONE PIG; that resembles a ‘human being’ has trashed obsessively anything & everything I have typed.  This pig will stoop to the lowest level – consistently & constantly to fabriate outrageous lies, just to make  his point !!  In this new section, we will show in a very simple fashion using comical ‘pig cartoons’ that we have made ourselves  The Oinky Oinky in Action (animated).

If you notice, Floyd states with absolute certainty; that he called a friend,  The EMT that was down on the ice that day. Notice floyds response.  It sounds authentic enough, especially since I aplogized right away.

Everyone in Barrow states :  Two women died from their skulls getting crushed.

We met with the EMT – Tom Saxton: He said: Yes floyd called us; and we told him YOU WERE RIGHT !!

Floyd took it upon himself- to deliberately change the truth to suit his  agenda.

Floyd STILL INSISTS that only one woman got hurt from getting hit in the chest. Everyone in Barrow says; Two women died from their skulls being crushed by the block & tackle.

What type of : ?person? would stoop to such a low level ??

So, Floyd cried & complained to the moderators of the web sight; the thread was closed;  and I was banned! Floyd was finally happy!

Once he got away with that, then he grew bolder & bolder going out of his ways to fabricate falshoods, but he was caught time & time again.  Not one apology; Still to this day he continues; – THEN I BANNED HIS IP  from accessing my web site.

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