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HIGH in the Arctic .. Eskimo!!  The book is here; it will shortly be available for download.  This is a work in progress that will result in 555 pages !!  I am going to do something;

NO other PHOTOGRAPHER in the business would ever do. I will provide (in the near future) LINKS to high rez copies suitable for printing !!  These are ALL YOURS; go have some fun – give them away to schools in your area; use your imagination.

Do what you want with them – Print up post cards; note-cards,  posters & prints.

Make yourself.. a ‘few’ bucks!!  You will be surprised at how many you can easily sell. You can place post cards all over the place;  THEY WILL SELL, and you will be overwhelmed &  shocked when you see what happens!!  For 27+ years the sales just get better & better every year.

Majik Imaje – Radio Interview – KBRW

Jennel Everett will Interview Jesse (The  ‘J’  in Majik Imaje )  Next Friday morning (Sept 26) @ 7:30 a.m. on KBRW here in Barrow.  They want to get the word out to the community  about out new local business here in Barrow.  What is our purpose and what are our long term goals.

Jesse has been gaining experience for many years in how to properly run a business since 2002 when he ran our Gallery on 4th ave in Anchorage 2002 – 2003.  The response was overwhemling, far greater than anything I ever expected in my wildest dreams.  This one year market study proved that people all over the world are very interested in the lifestyle / culture of North America’s Oldest people !

Simply amazing !

This is one amazing gallery to view




YOu have to see this in action to appreciate this awesome display

 You have to see this.. .. .. ‘in action’ !!

Cool Iris:  100 images of life on the ocean ice

The cliffs of Cape Thompson     –   People of Point Hope


WoWoW !!  When the page opens, you see the standard boring gallery look.

Now down at the bottom (when the thumbs are all loaded, click on the button.

Next.. at the very bottom of the screen (middle) see that little icon with the blue dots ? click on either side of that. watch it pan the galleries.. now move your mouse, as the gallery is moving and watch what happens. !! click once,,  then,,, double click..  !!  WoWoW !!

Nothing more need be said !!

Oh, but yes there is..  but not about the above lil “snippet” of information. Something a bit different.  the appropriate word would be “shocking” !!  Even more so, than I have already written.  Whew!  my son Mark was out today, delivering, bracelets to some of our “regular” customers.  He took the time, to ask local residents throughout the day, People he knew very well.   I have already posted on what an “eye-witness” said to us, here at the house, Here is an,



Many people, were asked, flat out, tell me please what you remember, that day out on the ice.

I have already written and said:  I was not there, I was in Anchorage when this happened. But too many people, have told us about this when it happened, It was the talk of ALL villages, in the cities and all over this state It was spoken of. AND…  .. it was published in the “newspapers”!

Now.. for the other many details, that were never told yet !!

Many people got hurt, two womans skulls where smashed into pieces beyond regognition, the huge wooden block and tackle was shattered,  There was mass confusion for quite a while, many people had to be evacuated, !! 

 Mr. Floyd Davidson and his source managed to get me banned,

Sometimes people get discusted at the truth. maybe tha’s why Mr. Davidson quickly changed his site “look” but his Inupiaq whaling essay of standing on the shore, is quite compelling to view.!