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Our Dishonorable President needs a “discharge”!

Dishonorable discharge needed 4 Obama

The horror of watching & listening to a traitor to the American People! ARREST OBAMA FOR TREASON right now! The Liar-In-Chief has disrespected the “office”- The most transparent administration in history is a complete fabrication and fraud and the main stream media is bought & paid for by the people in charge of Leading this country down the WRONG PATH! Tell the Truth! .. Obama has FAILED miserably again & again and has to resort to the childish habit of DECEPTION

Why is so hard or difficult to admit the truth?  They don’t want to end up in Jail for their TREASON

Coward – In – Chief


Arrest this clown for TREASON



Should each be held accountable for slander; liable and the unprofessional manner in which they reported this news event.  The public was furious and more hatred and racist remarks were  the norm, as comments poured in for 8  pages full of pure hatred.

Now the truth is finally out for all to soon hear and see.