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A new Theme

The old theme or skin for our Blog of ICE;  is toast – burned up!   An investigation is being conducted as to the source of the file template fire that ensued;  So far evidence has been collected to suggest City Data  & Floyd Davidson are the guilty culprits in this henious attempt at cyber arson !!

Toasted Blog of Ice skin theme


 No.. .. its not from Global Warming (yet).  but this is much more serious !   this is REAL(er) !!  This is a matter of extreme urgency !  of the greatest importantance.   I will let my mother, introduce you to a ‘friend of hers.

Dear Jan,

You and I face a colossal challenge today – an enormous threat to freedom.

The Supreme Court of the United States has agreed with our request that they rule in a First Amendment case of great significance …

… and I will argue the case personally, my 12th such argument before the high court.

Yes, we have won Ten Commandments cases before – but this latest attack is like a new strain of virus: 

Our opponents want any public institution with the Ten Commandments on display to be forced to also display an opposing view.

You can look around your own hometown and imagine what this would mean….

  • Next to that patriotic monument in the city park, you’d need an anti-American monument.
  • Where a VFW monument now stands, a message belittling our veterans would have to go up – or open a can of paint and conceal anything that could be construed as pro-veteran.
  • And next to the Statue of Liberty … a Statue of Tyranny? 

Whatever your government may stand for, it must also present the opposing view … that’s the implication of this unprecedented and truly dangerous Supreme Court case. 

It has the potential to re-landscape America – wreaking havoc on government bodies from your local town hall all the way up to the Congress of the United States.

This is one of the biggest First Amendment cases to come before the Supreme Court of the United States in the last 15 or 20 years.

The ACLJ team and I will be investing thousands of hours, at a breakneck pace.

Ten lawyers, 25 law clerks – extensive multi-faceted research, writing and rewriting, layers of essential staff support – this will require a massive effort.

The first of several briefs is due in only weeks … complex preparations for oral arguments will take hundreds of hours on my part alone …

The whole scenario, if you could somehow see it all at once, is staggering.

Your prayer support will be crucial – end!

I have written before  that the END of the United States as we know it.. is gone, slipping down down down. gone.   here you have that very proof right in front of you !  whatcha gonna do ??  Just let it happen. ??  what the **** ever happend to AMERICA ??  

There is an oath, that is taken by Every President of the United States as he enteres office. He swears on a bible to defend and protect our borders. THAT IS HIS #1 JOB.   .. but to let these gates wide open and millions of illegial immigrants pour in.   is out right TREASON !! and failure to do the job he was (elected?) for !!