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I need YOUR help!

Walk up to any ‘stranger’ on the street.  Say those words… I need your help! for ($), (A job), (A car) etc. You already know what will happen.  They will just walk away. You won’t receive anything.

There is however just one person who will stop &  take the time to listen; and give you exactly what you asked for!

That person’s name is Jesus Christ!  He made many thousands of promises.  Each of them requires you to do something simple.   Believe, Obey,Trust & Spend time with HIM, –  LEARNING… .. His Words.

YOU, have absolutely nothing to loose by sitting @  HIS feet and listening to What HE has to Say!

Don’t put this off.  It is the most important decision you will ever make in your life. For it is that decision which will lead to eternal life (for accepting HIM into your life) or Eternal damnation for refusing  HIS free Gift of Salvation for YOU!

The Choice is all yours to make!  Jesus is about to return very soon.  Keep your eyes on Israel – That is God’s time piece as to the imminent Return of Jesus Christ.   The time is at hand.  It is time to get ready.




Point Hope – Tikigaq

I was only supposed to be here; for 3 weeks. I left at the end of those 3 short weeks.  30 years later I have quite  a story to tell.  It is truly bizarre, preposterous and adventurous and so much more.  When I first arrived in September of 1981.  This place only had 420 people.  ‘Literally’.. No one else for many hundreds of miles in any direction. Isolated, remote and cut off.  Winter is 9 months long surrounded by ice on all sides in every direction for as far as the eye can see and far beyond that.

Point Hope - Tikigaq


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University of Alaska

Fairbanks… Good Job, nice work. Someone spent the time to download many dozens of images of blanket toss from our blog. ALL of the many hundreds of images of blanket toss  are located here.

If you require high resolution images for printing; to display on college grounds – EVERYTHING IS FREE!

Simply contact me and I will provide a password protected link for the University to access all of our images.

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