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Very Sad.. but very TRUE !!

What is wrong with some people (FLOYD DAVIDSON & MIKE JORDAN !!)


I posted a true story – 2 people out of millions accuse me of being a liar !!

Nobody on the North Slope has ever been eaten by a polar bear – were floyds words to me.

Life up here; is exciting as it is – you do not have to make up stories that are not true.

.. and a person actually called me a LIAR !! TISK TISK

Yes 30 pounds of charles was eaten !

 It seems very obvious that Floyd Davidson & Mike Jordan do not have the guts to apologize for calling me a liar.  THEY ARE QUICK to lash out.  But too much of a coward to admit ‘they were wrong !!

Thank You all.. .. .. again !!!

I can’t begin to thank you ALL, for the continued interest you show, each and every month by spending your valuable time, on my web site. The WORLD needs to know the truth about our plight to retain our customs and traditions, especially now when so many agencies and different animal rights activists want to harm our sacred time-honored way of living in the harshest enviorment known to man on the entire planet.

 These figures, (to me) are staggering. I never in my wildest dreams ever anticipated this type of response. Please join our unique forum, the only forum I have been able to find on the entire internet that deals with the people(s) of the Arctic.

Our aim IS TO bring all of the Inuit peoples of the world into this forum to discuss cultural issues on our unique way of life. Be it in Alaska, Greenland, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Iceland. This is your online community. To share, duscuss,  and meet new friends -relatives from around this ever shrinking world in which we live in.

Thank you for your continued interest

These numbers, (no matter what they stand for ) are just beyond my comprehension. To think that,-that many people enjoy viewing my work, stories, photographs which easily display the love and admiration I have for these people that I have called “family’ for 28  years now, Your interest is what drives me onward to provide you with a truely spectacular photo – essay on

 North America’s Oldest Peoples – Tikigaqmuit – The People of POINT HOPE ALASKA

I am proud, and honored to have you all , as my family !!


I just cannot believe your dedication each and every month from all over the world